Published January 11, 2019

7 Biggest Sibling Rivalries in the Marvel Universe

Take a look at siblings who just can't seem to get along.

Thor Loki

Maybe Cain and Abel invented sibling rivalry, but the denizens of the Marvel Universe keep it alive. Below, we take a look at infamous Marvel siblings who just can’t seem to get along no matter what.

Thor and Loki

Does sibling rivalry get any bigger than these two? With friction beginning in their youth, Thor and Loki set off a tradition of disagreement that led to years and years of strife between step-brothers. In a way, they set the practice for all who came after them.

Professor X and Juggernaut

Charles Xavier and Cain Marko probably couldn’t be more different, but these stepbrothers took different paths in life and when those journeys converged in their adulthood it set off an explosion that rippled through the entire X-Men universe.

Jericho and Daniel Drumm

A deep division in how best to operate as Doctor Voodoo drove a wedge between the Brothers Drumm, to the point that Daniel, now just a spirit, returned to the mortal plane with a burning hatred for Jericho’s comrades in the Avengers and a desire to possess others for his own gain.

Black Bolt and Maximus

The king of the Inhumans has held off attempts by his mad brother Maximus to take over Attilan or simply just to destroy its ruler on numerous occasions. Today, that dangerous rivalry continues even through Maximus’ many incarcerations by his relative, the Royal Family.

Union Jack and Baron Blood

What do you do when you’re a super hero and your brother’s a vampire? What would you do? Unfortunately, James Falsworth trod a deadly path to dispatch his bloodsucking brother John, but several resurrections followed and the Falsworth curse of sibling rivalry continued.

 Starfox and Thanos

The pleasure-loving Starfox opposed his god-like brother Thanos in a war that took them from the surface of their native Titan and into space and eventually to Earth. Despite an annual tradition of the two burying the hatchet and exchanging gifts, the war escalates ever more.

Clint and Barney Barton

The heroic archer Hawkeye found himself in his brother Barney’s crosshairs when the latter took on the costumed identity of Trickshot, Clint Barton’s former mentor, and the two clashed bitterly. Today, there seems to be reconciliation between the two, but time will tell if the brothers can remain on peaceful terms with each other.



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