Published January 31, 2019

8 of Deadpool's Greatest Moments

Look back at some of Wade Wilson's highlights.


Lately, Deadpool's been on top of the world. To mark his momentous popularity, let's look back at some of Wade Wilson's highlights.

The Circle Chase

While not strictly heroic, Deadpool did beat out heavyweights like Juggernaut and Black Tom, old Weapon X cronies Kane and Copycat, and even Slayback himself to claim Tolliver's will. Impressive, eh?

Deadpool: The Circle Chase (1993) #1

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Smashing Success

Did you know that Deadpool once beat The Hulk? Ok, maybe "beat him" exaggerates a bit, but Wade did manage to outsmart the Green Goliath and cut his near impenetrable skill to steal some plasma and fix his own healing factor, so points for that!

Deadpool (1997) #4

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Dead Reckoning

When an alien "messiah" plans to fix Earth's problems by stripping humanity of free will, even Captain America falls before the would-be savior, leaving Deadpool as the last line of defense. Will Wade submit and allow mindless peace to wash over the planet, or play killer one more time despite the cost?

Deadpool (1997) #25

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Taking Down T-Ray

Facing off against T-Ray, the one opponent he's never been able to beat, Deadpool not only has to contend with being physically outmatched, but his archenemy's mind games as well. Ultimately, it's the merc's commitment to being a better man that saves him...maybe.

Deadpool (1997) #33

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Secret Invasion

Skrulls have infiltrated every major power structure on Earth, but have no fear: Deadpool's got a plan! Did we say plan? Well, more he's going to bust onto a Skrull ship and kill as many as possible, but that still sorta counts!

Deadpool (2008) #1

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Presidential Pardon

A mystical mishap has revived the United States' beloved former leaders as the evil undead, and you better believe true blue heroes like the Avengers want little to do with such a sticky situation. Fortunately-ish, Deadpool's got no issues putting these famed figureheads back underground!

Deadpool (2012) #1

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

In the heart of North Korea, Deadpool embarks on a mission so personal and intense that even with Captain America and Wolverine along for the ride, Wade's still calling the shots. DP may be too late to save his soul, but he's not about to let innocent men and women suffer as he did...

Deadpool (2012) #15

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Deadpool vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.

A vendetta to get paid leads to Deadpool uncovering high level corruption within the Marvel Universe's top peacekeeping organization! It's the Merc with a Mouth against a helicarrier full of S.H.I.E.L.D. resources--but don't bet against your boy!

Deadpool (2012) #21

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