Published February 7, 2019

8 Worst Things Kingpin Has Ever Done

Wilson Fisk's worst moments.


As the Kingpin of Crime—and even before as you shall see—Wilson Fisk has gotten up to some bad stuff. Some truly unpleasant, mean-spirited cruel behaviors; stuff that definitely would have gotten you grounded if you tried to pull the same shenanigans.

And we kind of love him for it.

We do not approve, mind you, but…well…there can be something exciting sort of wildly immoral behavior, you know? In recognition of him being the baddie that makes our hearts go a-thump-a-thump, we give you some of our favorite and most powerful moments in Fisk malfeasance.

Starting Young

Kingpin once told us he could remember a time when blood on your hands showed you were to be respected and we quickly learn why. Fisk committed his first murder as an adolescent and has been telling himself forever since that one, some mystical time, long ago, that did not demonstrate a burgeoning personality disorder but rather the actions of a “man.”

A Brutal HR Dept.

The NYC underworld knows how dangerous it can be to disappoint the Kingpin. When a trusted lieutenant blows a job thanks to Spider-Man, he knows there can be no escape. So he shows up in Fisk’s office, aware that he will never leave that place, breathing, again because to not do so would be even worse for him and those he loves.

Going Out with a Bang

From time to time, Fisk will attempt to leave the life behind but he can never seem to do so without reminding everyone how frightening he is. For instance, when wife Vanessa finally convinced him to stop being Kingpin and return to Japan, he had to make one last attempt at ending the life of Spider-Man. He proved unsuccessful but showed even a retiring Kingpin never forgets that killer instinct.

Spider-Man Kingpin

Creating Echo

Another henchman who Fisk had to dispense with turned out to be a single dad. As a man of his word, Kingpin raised the daughter left behind, getting her the best of everything. However, he could not help himself. Rather than let her grow up as his daughter, he made her into yet another weapon to wield, convincing her that her dad died by Daredevil’s hands, not his own.

Crossing Black Cat

In love with Spider-Man but fearing she could not keep up, Felicia Hardy acted foolhardily and reached out to the Kingpin for some kind of powers. Fisk proved more than happy to help, promising to make her part of the super powered community. Too bad he forgot to mention he also would make her a danger to everyone she let close to her in the process.

Whispering Secrets

Sometimes, it seemed, Fisk likes to create chaos even when he no longer had a hand in the game. Thus, telling the unbalanced Mysterio the truth about Daredevil’s identity. Fisk did not do a thing more than that and yet got to sit back and watch his nemesis get nearly unraveled yet again thanks to the illusion-casting villain’s cruel stage craft.

Wilson Fisk

Selling Out

Showing us that even turning snitch can be a move when one commands as much power as he does, Fisk plays that forbidden card when it appears he has no other choice. Yet again using Matt Murdock’s costumed identity, Fisk reveals the man behind the horns, leading to Daredevil being shot and arrested by an FBI hungry to make an example of the vigilante.

Kingpin Takes All

His master stroke, a move so impressive, so powerful, he just had to sign it. Learning Matt Murdock and Daredevil were in fact one and the same, Fisk set up methodically taking apart every aspect of the blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen’s life. Friends. Career. Home. Sanity. All swept away with little more than a wave of Kingpin’s massive hands.


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