Published August 29, 2017

All-New Wolverine: Parasite Problem

Writer Tom Taylor previews the resurgence of the Brood!

Image for All-New Wolverine: Parasite Problem

They’re big, they’re ugly, and they’ve messed with the wrong mutant.

On September 13, Laura Kinney teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to squish the hive-minded Brood in writer Tom Taylor and artist Leonard Kirk’s ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #24!

Since these parasitic bugs have been leeching off of the Marvel Universe for the last 35 years, we decided to ask Tom to highlight his take on Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum‘s iconic insectoid creation. The Brood are a classic X-Men villain, but we usually see them attacking Earth. Are they even more of a challenge for Wolverine and company on an alien moon?

Tom Taylor: They’re definitely more of a challenge. They’re infected with a virus, which has made these rage-monsters…umm…ragier. And Laura and the Guardians of the Galaxy have a lot of people to protect.

There’s also a much bigger problem: Laura’s sister, Gabby, has been turned into a Brood Queen. What do they want with her?

Tom Taylor: Gabby Kinney serves as the new Brood Queen of this moon. And with the transferable powers of the host, the Brood now have a terrifying matriarch who can heal and possibly pass this power onto new Brood, making them unstoppable. What is the dynamic like between Laura and the Guardians? How will it inform their approach to fighting the Brood?

Tom Taylor: The dynamic is good. Gamora and Wolverine fight well together, and everyone respects Laura—especially once they’ve seen her hacking through monsters. But there are some disagreements coming, especially with Gabby in such danger. The Brood have been terrorizing the Marvel Universe for nearly four decades. What’s your favorite piece of their impressive history? 

Tom Taylor: I think the best thing about this Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum brainchild is that the Brood are just completely evil. They’re parasites. This means Wolverine’s recent “no killing” policy need not apply in our story, especially given what they’ve done so far. The claws are staying out.

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #24, by Tom Taylor and artist Leonard Kirk, hits shelves on September 13!