Published June 9, 2017

Amazing Spider-Man: Rise of the Octopus

Discover the depths of Doc Ock with editor Nick Lowe!

Image for Amazing Spider-Man: Rise of the Octopus

Imagine Otto Octavius teaming up with Hydra; it sounds like a devious match made in comic book villain heaven—or hell—right? Well, you can stop imagining because that’s exactly what will happen in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #30, a Secret Empire tie-in out July 12.

Before Doctor Octopus joins forces with Steve Rogers, however, Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe helped us take a step back to appreciate this many-armed adversary. The early buzz on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #30 teases that Doctor Octopus won’t be returning to his old ways. Can you elaborate on that in a spoiler free manner? Does this have anything to do with Hydra taking over the world?

Nick Lowe: It sure does! I don’t think that it’s a secret that Ock is working with Steve Rogers and Hydra. He’s on Steve’s Hydravengers team. And if you were Steve Rogers, and Spider-Man had a company that just successfully invaded a foreign nation, you’d want someone who can take them down, right? Enter Doc Ock! How would you characterize Doctor Octopus’ change and evolution over the last few years?

Nick Lowe: It’s been the most fascinating journey. [AMAZING SPIDER-MAN writer] Dan [Slott] and all the artists that he’s worked with over the years have done more with Doc Ock than I would have dreamed possible. They turned him into a horrifying and fascinating villain and then into SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN! And now into this new stage, whatever shape it takes! Suffice it to say, Dan Slott, now with Stuart Immonen, have big plans for Ock. Going back even further, how has he changed since his debut back in 1963? What attributes—other than his mechanical arms, of course—have stayed constant over the years?

Nick Lowe: The biggest constant is the ego and attitude. He’s such a delightfully jerky guy. If you ask him, no one’s anywhere near as smart as he is and that isn’t going anywhere. He just learned other stuff from being in Spider-Man’s body and mind. What changes do you like the most and what kind of changes would you like to explore in the future?

Nick Lowe: They’re all pretty great, to me. Putting a character with specific goals and a worldview all his own in situations that challenge it is the whole point of storytelling! Kind of going off that, as a longtime member of the Sinister Six, what mentality does Octavius bring to the villainous cabal? Has his role in the Six changed with time?

Nick Lowe: He’s taken so many steps from there since he was last part of any Sinister Six. What shape such a group would take and what role Ock would take are all questions for another day… Going forward, what kind of role can we expect from the many-appendage-wielding baddie and his place in the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN series?

Nick Lowe: A big one that’s going to challenge Peter in ways he’s never been challenged.

The Superior Octopus joins up with Hydra in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #30 by Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen, coming July 12!