Published May 7, 2022

America Chavez, Wong, and Clea Take on the Multiverse

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with Infinity Comic ‘Strange Tales: Clea, Wong & America,’ a surprise drop only on the Marvel Unlimited app!

New on the Marvel Unlimited app: “Strange Tales” starts here! Dive deep into the weirdness of the Marvel Universe in brand-new Infinity Comics special “Strange Tales,” a monthly trip to the other side of the looking glass. Across dimension, time, and space readers will experience unexplored corners of the Multiverse in vertical comics told by all-star creators. It all begins in a Strange Tale by Al Ewing, Ramon Bachs, and Java Tartaglia starring America Chavez, Wong, and the all-new Sorcerer Supreme Clea.

Strange Tales: Clea, Wong & America

Dimension-jumper Ms. America Chavez visits the Sanctum Sanctorum seeking help from Clea and magical master Wong. America’s sister is trapped in another plane of existence—but where, exactly, the trio can only guess. What interdimensional threats await when reality caves and bends (and offers up demons)? America will learn about a bizarre law of magic—asynchronicity—to merge her past with the present.

Get your first look at STRANGE TALES: CLEA, WONG & AMERICA INFINITY COMIC, then read the complete issue on the Marvel Unlimited app! And, come back next month for your upcoming “Strange Tales.” You’ll never guess where you’re headed.

Introducing Strange, the one on the "other side" of the mirror.
Introducing Strange, the one on the "other side" of the mirror.
Introducing Strange, the one on the "other side" of the mirror.
America Chavez visits the Sanctum Sanctorum.

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