Published October 26, 2018

Are These Marvel Super Hero Costumes Too Cool or a Hot Mess?

On this Earth’s Mightiest Show bonus episode, ICEMAN writer Sina Grace judges some notable looks from the past.

Everyone loves a good Super Hero outfit, and over the years, Marvel’s beloved characters have tried out many a different look – though some, admittedly, have been more successful than others. 

On a new Bonus installment of Earth’s Mightiest Show, which you can check out above, ICEMAN writer Sina Grace sits down with Langston Belton to give some snap judgements on some of the wilder super hero looks from the past in a game we call Too Cool or Hot Mess?

From Thor in a crop top, to a notably edgy Kitty Pryde, to Longshot’s trademark mullet, and more, Sina lets us know which characters are looking good and which should have perhaps reconsidered their outfits at the time. 

X-Treme X-Men (2001) #44

X-Treme X-Men (2001) #44

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