Brace Yourself for Wolverine’s Top Ten Claw-Baring Moments

Plus: Tune in for a sneak peek at what's next for Wolverine!

Image for Brace Yourself for Wolverine’s Top Ten Claw-Baring Moments

Wolverine is one of the Marvel Universe’s most beloved characters — but he’s almost one of the most dangerous. With his trademark retractable claws, Logan can take someone out in seconds (and make a big mess while he’s at it). Since his first appearance in 1974’s INCREDIBLE HULK #180 to his own book in 1982 to his recent demise, Wolverine’s claws have become as iconic as they are terrifying.

And we certainly haven’t seen the last of them…

Watch the video above for a look back at the best moments featuring Wolverine’s claws, then tune in tomorrow, June 5, for a special sneak peek at Wolverine’s next chapter. Come on back to and follow Marvel on Twitter for the full announcement!




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