Published January 6, 2017

Bullseye: Dead Center

Dissect the killer assassin’s most impressive murderous moments!

Image for Bullseye: Dead Center

There probably exists no better way to put this: Bullseye has to be one of the worst people in the Marvel Universe. However, when he shows us just how bad a dark side he has? Well, that’s Bullseye at his best. Below, we look back at why the Man Who Never Misses has us all updating our wills.

Quite a Debut
Daredevil has radar senses. Daredevil has ninja level fighting skills. Daredevil wields his billy club with so much skill it might as well be another appendage.

The first time Bullseye meets him, he puts the Man Without Fear on his back. ‘Nuff said.

Streets of Blood
A brain tumor has Bullseye seeing things, acting irrationally, losing all sense of reality. Things go from bad to worse on a busy Manhattan sidewalk as the snow begins to fall when, to Bulls’ eyes, suddenly everyone has been dressed in the distinctive horns and double D symbols of his archfoe.

The assassin reacts as one would expect, targeting his “enemy” over and over and over. When the dust settles, Bullseye remains standing amongst the bodies of several innocent Manhattanites and tourists, all dead by his hand and whatever happened to be lying around.

On Being Magic
As he succinctly summarizes: Elektra’s good, but Bullseye…he’s magic. And so he proves it, skewering the ninja on her own weapon and sending her to die in the arms of her former lover, Matt Murdock. A fight notable not just for the outcome but for how both combatants, but Bullseye especially, make their ultraviolence look akin to dancing.

Only the Tooth
Bullseye has been arrested and locked away. Buried deep in a super max prison, held in a cell that only has a thin mattress bolted to the floor. His feedings are closely monitored and allow him no utensils. Even for him, a man who can make anything into a weapon, things seem dark as, literally, he has nothing to even try to make use of.

Except, he realizes, himself.

A few brutal self-inflicted head bangs later, the Man Who Can’t Miss knocks out one of his teeth. The tooth proves all he need to kill his way from his cell to freedom.

Bringing America Low
Captain America has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most skilled and intelligent fighters in the Marvel Universe; so when Bullseye encounters the Sentinel of Liberty on a construction site, the situation seems stacked against the assassin. And Cap does get his licks in. However, with only a flashlight and a shovel, Bullseye not only escapes Cap but sends the Star-Spangled Avenger limping away in pain.

Putting a Little Wood on It
Bullseye finds his skills in doubt while meeting with prospective employers. After all, the assassin has experienced some pretty fierce setbacks and beatings over the years. How can he reassure them he remains worth the money? A window, a building across the way, a toothpick, and a young mother prove all the tools he needs.

Proper Disposal of a Flag
Expecting a small dunk, the Thunderbolts find themselves unexpectedly out-thought and out-fought by little known patriotic hero Jack Flag. One by one, Flag has taken them to pain school and left them writhing on the streets and in the alleys. Until, silent, relaxed, Bullseye sneaks up from behind and slides a Sai into Jack’s back, nice as you please, ending the threat and paralyzing the hero for a time.

The Terror That Won’t Die
Everyone knows that while Solo lives, terror dies. Everyone, it seems, except Bullseye. At the time draped in the colors of Hawkeye, Bullseye locked horns with the anti-terrorist. Teleportation, a slew of guns, and a personal army at his disposal, Solo only succeeded in barely surviving the experience and making Bullseye a bit angrier than usual.

Mind Like a Weapon
Trapped in a sort of upright iron lung/sarcophagus with almost no senses and no ability to move, Bullseye has none of his physicality to rely on. The man who could use anything in his hands as a weapon can no longer even use those hands. But he will not be stopped. With no physical options left, Bullseye turns to his own brain, proving, truly, there’s nothing he cannot weaponize.