Published January 23, 2017

Captain America: Mastering Evil

We help Baron Zemo select a Masters of Evil dream team!

Image for Captain America: Mastering Evil

In CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #12 by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz—arriving February 22—Baron Zemo prepares a new Masters of Evil to plague our hero!

The Masters of Evil first debuted in AVENGERS #6 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby back in 1964. Under the guidance of Baron Heinrich Zemo, the team included the likes of The Melter, Radioactive Man and The Black Knight. Since then a Zemo has typically led the group, with some notable exceptions—including Egghead, Ultron, Doctor Octopus, and even Lightmaster. But under Zemo’s rule they’ve come the closest to success numerous times—until those pesky heroes interfere with their plans.

Before the new group makes their debut, we help Baron Zemo choose his underlings by offering up our suggestions for a Masters of Evil “dream team.”

Baron Zemo
Helmut Zemo, son of the original Baron Heinrich Zemo, has headed up the most incarnations of the team—and arguably the most successful versions. For instance, he gathered not just a team, but an army of villains to decimate the Avengers, taking over Avengers Mansion and almost killing Hercules and Jarvis. He also spearheaded the Thunderbolts when the Avengers disappeared, pretending to be the heroic Citizen V as he won the hearts and minds of the public. No matter what he has planned this time, you can bet it spells trouble for Captain America and the rest of the Marvel Universe!

Madame Masque
Masque served as Zemo’s right hand in the pages of AVENGERS UNDERCOVER and has proved her worth as a formidable foe against some of Marvel’s greatest heroes. Her latest exploits saw her fall to Iron Man and Doctor Doom, leaving her in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s custody, but no doubt the Baron could find a way to liberate her.

3Radioactive Man
Chen Lu has appeared with several incarnations of the Masters of Evil, even going so far as to join the Thunderbolts when he wanted to reform. But most recently the powerhouse faced off with the All-New Avengers in Marvel’s 2015 Free Comic Book Day release, suggesting Radioactive Man has returned to his villainous ways.

Last seen in Avengers Standoff! as chef Howie Howardson, Graviton no doubt has a score to settle with the establishment, so why not join up to cook up something dastardly? Graviton brings a level of power that few former Masters of Evil can match, and while normally he wouldn’t subjugate himself to anyone’s command, the chance for revenge could make serving Zemo palatable.


One of the Hulk’s greatest enemies, the super-strong Abomination last saw action in 2014, when a group called the Ancient Order of the Shield resurrected and controlled him in their mad quest to capture the Green Goliath. Iron Man teleported him into outer space, where he orbits Jupiter, and waits for someone like Zemo to figure out how to bring him back to Earth.

Steve Rogers
Wait, what? Past confrontations between Captain America and the Masters of Evil usually ended with the hero victorious and the villains in jail. But last year brought us a new Captain America, one loyal to Hydra and not afraid to get his hands dirty. So having Steve Rogers take over the team rather than sending them to prison doesn’t seem too far-fetched!

Find out who will join Zemo’s new Masters of Evil in CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #12 by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz on February 22!