Published November 12, 2018

Coming February 2019... Wolverine: Infinity Watch

Written by Gerry Duggan with art by Andy MacDonald!

Marvel Legacy #1

Last year, Logan Howlett made a surprise return to the Marvel Universe, holding an Infinity Stone in the pages of MARVEL LEGACY #1...

And next February, the cosmic mystery that started there will be unraveled in the all-new limited series WOLVERINE: INFINITY WATCH!


Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Andy MacDonald present the the answers you seek as Logan ventures out alongside everyone’s favorite god of lies and stories, Loki Laufeyson!

What does it all mean? Duggan teases what to expect with one simple line: 

“…the new cosmic status quo will demand...watching…”

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WOLVERINE: INFINITY WATCH #1 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli