Published December 3, 2018

Coming to Marvel Unlimited in December

See what comics are getting digitized this month!

With a slew of fresh ongoing titles around the corner, now’s the perfect time to join Marvel Unlimited!

Cruise the cosmos in DOCTOR STRANGE’s latest series! Behold tales from Asgard with THOR! TONY STARK returns as the Armored Avenger! Plus, is that you Bruce Banner? Find out in IMMORTAL HULK!

SCHOOL’S OUT for Spidey, and DEADPOOL mouths off in two new series! Plus, you’re invited to the X-MEN wedding of the century! Then, ante up for Lando in DOUBLE OR NOTHING and bid farewell to a Spider-Man staple in the aftermath to GO DOWN SWINGING!

And, stay tuned for these new additions from classic series: THUNDERBOLTS (1997) #23-#41,  WEBSPINNERS: TALES OF SPIDER-MAN #1-18, MARVEL KNIGHTS (2002) #1-#6, QUASAR (1989) #10-#25, PUNISHER (1987) #1-#9, and more!

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