Published September 15, 2023

The Man Without Fear Hits the Streets Again in 'Daredevil' #2 Preview

In a special first look at 'Daredevil' #2 by Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder, Father Matthew suits up as Daredevil to seek righteous retribution.

To protect his city and the ones he loves, Father Matthew must embrace the Devil once more.

When Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder's DAREDEVIL (2023) #1 picked up, Matt Murdock had forgotten all about his past. In fact, he had found a new life as "Father Matthew," a Catholic priest and guardian at the Saint Nicholas Youth Home. However, his memories came crashing back when a demon possessing Elektra attacked him, bringing out the Daredevil he had buried deep inside. After he rescued Elektra, he knew he couldn't simply return to the peaceful life he once knew and reluctantly reembraced his super hero alter ego—even though he doesn't fully know where that path will take him.

In DAREDEVIL (2023) #2, Father Matthew's adventures continue as he confronts the corruption tearing Hell's Kitchen apart. Even as he seeks righteous retribution against those who betrayed their oath to protect the city, he will find himself losing allies just as he needs them the most… and what will that mean for his relationship with Elektra, the love of his life?

A special preview of DAREDEVIL (2023) #2 offers a stunning look at Father Matthew standing back-to-back with Daredevil against the glow of a stained glass window. In one page, he senses the arrival of two police officers at the Saint Nicholas Youth Home where he lives, then quickly changes out of his costume to greet them. In another page, he takes on a few villains wielding guns with his billy club. Finally, he reflects on the demon from the previous issue, as well as the cops who paid Saint Nick's a visit, from a pew in his church.

See Daredevil swing back into action in a special first look at DAREDEVIL #2 below!

DAREDEVIL (2023) #2 interior artwork by Aaron Kuder

On Sale 10/18

Can Daredevil face down the corruption of Hell's Kitchen on his own? Find out in DAREDEVIL #2, on sale October 18!

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