Published October 11, 2019

Dawn of X Primer: 'X-Force'

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Every major nation does what it can to keep an eye on its enemies...and sometimes even its allies. With the sovereign mutant nation of Krakoa established in HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X, and you can bet that plenty of other nations will wonder about their motives.

In turn, the mutants have developed their own version of the C.I.A. called X-FORCE!

X-Force (2019-) #1: Director’s Cut
X-FORCE #1 cover by Dustin Weaver

Starring in their own self-titled book by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Joshua Cassara, the team consists of two parts: intelligence gathering and special ops! Beast, Jean Grey, and Sage are tasked with digging into potential threats while Wolverine, Kid Omega, and with them.

To get ready for the Dawn of X, here's a team primer for this all-star squad.



If you're setting up an intelligence operation, you want the smartest people around on your team—and even before Hank McCoy discovered his mutant-born enhanced agility, his smarts made him special. After accidentally turning himself furry and blue, Beast used all of his talents to further his studies into mutant scientific issues like the Legacy Virus, a lack of mutant births, and the Terrigen Mist problem. In other words, there's no one better to have keeping watch for science-based threats to Krakoa.

Jean Grey

jean grey

While Beast keeps his science watch, Jean Grey uses her vast psionic abilities to keep an eye out for trouble coming against the mutant community. The founding member of the X-Men has mind abilities that rival even those of Professor X, though he's plenty busy guiding the fate of mutantkind. Upon returning from the dead recently, Jean found herself saddened by the lack of progress made between mutants and humans, even working towards a mutant nation before Charles did the same thing with Krakoa. Now, she's striving to make up for lost time, and her work begins with X-Force.



Every intelligence agency worth its salt must have a next-level computer system to monitor world events and run multiple programs at once. X-Force has that—but also Sage, a mutant with unlimited mental computing power and storage. She's able to work on a variety of tasks at once at lightning speed and process that information for the others to use. Also, like Beast and Jean Grey, she's solid in a fight if the smart squad needs to get out in the field to help the black ops side. 



Keeping a nation safe is dirty business, and few mind wading through the muck for a good cause like Wolverine.

Incredibly tough, nearly invulnerable (except for that time he was dead) and armed with unbreakable adamantium claws, Logan stands at the top of the list when one thinks of the toughest mutants around. He's always ready to take care of the most demanding jobs, even when that involves killing fellow mutants he cares for. He's the best he is at what he does—and what he does is often heartbreaking—but he takes that on for the good of mutantkind.

Kid Omega

kid omega

Quentin Quire initially debuted as an anarchist student at the Xavier Institute where he used his mental abilities to start a riot and got into all sorts of trouble. Eventually, Wolverine took responsibility and enrolled Quire in The Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning where he actually developed into something of a hero, albeit a cocky one. Now he uses his immense powers—telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, and even psychic weapons—and unique moral code to fight threats far and wide.



A stalwart member of X-Force, Domino has used her luck manipulation talents as well as her paramilitary training to excise troublesome tumors from the world for years. While she's excellent in a close range fight, Domino also boasts highly accurate marksmanship, which makes her the perfect person to watch Wolverine and Kid Omega's backs while they're in the thick of it.

Colossus and Black Tom


Looking ahead, both Colossus and Black Tom will be heavily involved in X-FORCE for as-yet-untold reasons. Though Colossus has used his metallic skin to fight any manner of threats, he's not usually lumped in with the super-intelligent or expert fighters among the X-Men. Meanwhile, the usually villainous Black Tom Cassidy—cousin of Banshee—can control plants to some extent because of his mutant powers. That's a skill that could come in handy, but has the new status quo for mutantkind changed him? Or will he revert to his old ways?

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