Published February 13, 2017

Deadpool the Duck: Post Mortem

It’s requiem for a duck, as Stuart Moore puts a pin on the Wade Wilson/Howard team-up!

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Marvel’s darkest comedy duo heads to the figurative grave as the mish-mash of Merc with a Mouth and Mouthy Mallard concludes with DEADPOOL THE DUCK #5 by Stuart Moore and Jacopo Camagni on March 15. Since Wade and Howard will inevitably want to have the last word, we spoke with writer Stuart Moore ahead of time to give our favorite self loathing comedians a chance to send us their critiques on our commemoration.

Deadpool the Duck

Aka “The Mallard with a Mouth,” three months, of Earth, pulled apart March 15, 2017 in DEADPOOL THE DUCK #5. Fowl play not suspected at this time.

The enthusiastically violent and snarky fighter brought a smiles with violence and never failed to break up the gunshots and knife wounds with a sarcastic quip. The duo, once described by friend and chronicler Stuart Moore as “like a cat who suddenly became the greatest ninja fighter in the world while learning to make snooty sarcastic remarks about everyone around him, was extremely frustrating and nigh impossible to work with.” However, this didn’t make the four-foot tall, web-footed fowl any less likeable or adorable…to those without direct contact with him. “He faced an ongoing internal struggle between the charmingly violent child and pessimistically analytical old man within,” according to Moore. But just as the bundle of C4 with the shortest fuse proves the most effective, so too could the life of Deadpool the Duck be described: short, explosive and effective.

Survived by his two halves, Wade Wilson and Howard the Duck who, from savoring chili dogs the second time around to breaking into secret space rabies labs, learned much over the course of their life together. “Though most would have assumed Deadpool to be the darker of the two, Howard had the more cynical view of life and learned far more from Wade than vice versa,” shares Moore. “Not overly shocking, as Deadpool is who he is.”DEADDUCK2017005_MAIN

“The combination of the two typical loner characters brought out both the best and worst in each other, forcing them to rely on one another’s strengths to get the job done,” observes Moore. “Howard wasn’t by nature a fighter, but his time with Wade not only showed him that occasionally cutting through the crap, shooting first, and asking questions later can be an effective tactic.” And while one can hope that Deadpool gained some semblance of consideration for the consequences of his action, Moore believes “He mostly just learned that raccoons make more than just really cool throw rugs or hats.

This charismatic and deeply conflicted character will be sorely missed by all but those who knew him. The surviving family asks that no condolences be sent as they wish to get on with their lives.

Say goodbye to this unique “hero” in DEADPOOL THE DUCK #5 by Stuart Moore and Jacopo Camagni on March 15!