Published January 31, 2018

Despicable Deadpool: Kickin’ Buckets

Going Rogue with writer Gerry Duggan!

Image for Despicable Deadpool: Kickin’ Buckets

Deadpool’s got a few names that he needs to cross off a kill list, or Stryfe will have his head. Of course, for Deadpool, losing his head isn’t necessarily a big deal—but still, he’s looking at other options. And in writer Gerry Duggan and artist Matteo Lolli‘s DESPICABLE DEADPOOL #293 (out today!), the Regenerating Degenerate continues his “Bucket List” story by meeting up with an old friend—Rogue.

We grabbed a minute with writer Gerry Duggan to see what to expect from the Merc’s latest misadventure. Deadpool’s already deviated from his deal with Stryfe, so just how hard will this come back to bite him?

Gerry Duggan: He’s tried to cheat and Stryfe has checkmated him at every turn, so in the last act of our story Deadpool is a beaten man, and resigned to give the devil his full due. Wade reacted pretty harshly when Stryfe told him his next target was Evan Sabahnur, A.K.A. Genesis. While you’re putting the Despicable back in Deadpool here; would Wade ever consider going through with that assignment?

Gerry Duggan: Boy, that would be messed up, right? Oh, dear. Last issue, Deadpool brought Hydra Cap, A.K.A. “Stevil Rogers,” an Inland Taipan snake to keep him company in prison. What led you (or Wade) to that specific breed of serpent?

Gerry Duggan: Wade googled the “world’s most venomous snake” and that was the one he could get his hands on. Wade threatened to take a piece off of Stevil’s body every time he visits him going forward. What piece would you say Wade would take first?

Gerry Duggan: He took his toilet and his sleep first. His nose goes next. Rogue’s back to endure more of her testy relationship with the Merc—what made you want to bring her into this story?

Gerry Duggan: I love them together, and apart. Wade needs to get his affairs in order, can you tease what’s next on his “Bucket List”?

Gerry Duggan: He’s got one more target to take out to make sure the people he got too close to will be safe…

Gerry Duggan and artist Matteo Lolli’s DESPICABLE DEADPOOL #293 is available today—January 31!