Published December 21, 2018

Doctor Strange's 9 Greatest Enemies

The Sorcerer Supreme's nine most notorious foes.

Doctor Strange Villains

As the Sorcerer Supreme, a founder of the Defenders, and a member of the Avengers, Doctor Stephen Strange counts a great many foes who flat out hate him. Some he’s banished to hellish dimensions while others despise him for constantly foiling their plans. Take a look at the Sorcerer Supreme’s nastiest adversaries!

Baron Mordo

Doctor Strange’s first true foe proved to be Baron Mordo, a fellow Ancient One trainee who planned on killing their teacher. Also highly versed in the mystic arts, Mordo continually appears to offer his fellow pupil trouble.


When it comes to Doctor Strange villains, few hold a candle to the Dread Dormammu, ruler of the dark dimension. The Green Goblin to Strange’s Spider-Man, Dormammu refuses to let his long-simmering hatred for the Sorcerer Supreme cool down. His sister Umar also relishes tormenting the good doctor, so it must run in the family.


Daimon Hellstrom’s sister, Satana followed their devlish father’s way of life and studied the dark arts. While training in a hell dimension, Basilisk glommed on to her and remained until she saved Doctor Strange from the demon’s werewolf curse. Eventually she turned back to the dark side and will appear in DOCTOR STRANGE #14 alongside Master Pandemonium.


STRANGE TALES #110 not only introduced the world to Doctor Strange, but also the dream-wielding Nightmare, a creature who continues to pop up and make the Marvel Universe toss and turn to this day.


Mephisto and Doctor Strange have tussled a time or 12 over the years. The devil’s been involved in everything from Scarlet Witch and Vision’s fake children to the retconning of Peter Parker and Mary Jane's marriage, but he still holds a grudge for that time Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom saved the soul of the latter’s mother in TRIUMPH AND TORMENT.

Nameless One

The Nameless One and his minions, the Undying Ones proved so dangerous that Doctor Strange recruited help to defeat them in a 1970’s crossover with SUB-MARINER and INCREDIBLE HULK. That's right, without knowing it, this recurring entity accidentally paved the way for the Defenders to join forces and stop his evil plans time and time again.

Doctor Doom

Though not regular foes, the Doctors Strange and Doom do occasionally get into it with one another thanks to the villain’s propensity for magic. They actually worked well together in TRIUMPH AND TORMENT, but that didn't stop Stephen from worrying that the Latverian leader would become the next Sorcerer Supreme during the time that Stephen realized he’d lost the honor.

The Hood

At the height of his power during Dark Reign, The Hood made a deal with Dormammu that turned the gun-wielding villain into a next-level magic malevolence. He even attempted to grab the Eye of Agamotto when Strage proved unworthy, but fell to its new wielder: Doctor Voodoo.


Leader of the magic-destroying Empirikul, Imperator nearly succeeded in destroying Doctor Strange and all of the mystic energy in our realm during “The Last Days of Magic.” Strange finally defeated him with the help of the Ancient One’s skull, but we wouldn't be surprised if he’s planning his next attack in one of those handy pocket dimensions.


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