Published January 10, 2019

Dracula: Not Even the Avengers Can Keep a Good Bloodsucker Down

The legendary vampire has haunted many Marvel heroes!

Greatest, perhaps, feels like an expression to apply to Dracula. After all, he essentially amounts to a murder monster who feeds on the blood of human beings, either killing them or turning them into a monster themselves.

Respect, however, must be paid. Dracula has undeniably contributed some incredible, wild, and bizarre moments to the Marvel Universe. In anticipation of his latest doubtlessly captivating caper set to start with AVENGERS #14 on Wednesday, February 6, we look back at some of the greatest moments of Marvel’s murder monster.

The Daywalker and Company


No, Dracula did not (directly, at least) create Blade, Hannibal King, or Frank Drake. However, TOMB OF DRACULA gave birth to all three. Without the King of the Vampires, we would never have the Daywalker. We would never have the Darkhold Redeemers or the Midnight Sons. Can you imagine the 1990s without those two groups?

I Guess Silver Really Does Only Work on Werewolves

Dracula and Silver Surfer

In TOMB OF DRACULA #50, Silver Surfer -- having been psychically influenced by a rival of Dracula -- decides the time has come to beat a vampire. However, nothing really goes as expected in the issue.

Unlikely though it may seem, it turns out Dracula’s reputation for being a formidable foe might have been somewhat understated. Over the course of the anniversary issue, Drac makes a fool of Surfer, smacking him multiple times, sneaking up on the hero despite his cosmic power, and swarming the former Herald of Galactus with a whole mess of rats.

So no matter what you may personally think of the bloodsucker, there can now be no denying that he went toe-to-toe with a cosmic being and lived to tell the tale. More than that, he handed Surfer the L.

Undead? More Like All Dead

Doctor Strange and Dracula

Sometimes, though, even Dracula bites off more than he can chew. So ended up being the case when Dracula decided to feed on Wong, Doctor Strange’s assistant and friend.

Not knowing of Wong’s connection to the Sorcerer Supreme, the King of Vampires assumed him to be some random do-gooder when the assistant interrupted the vampire’s evening alleyway feeding. Thus, Drac bit Wong and sucked him dry too.

Strange found out and decided this would not stand. During the two-issue crossover in TOMB OF DRACULA #44 and DOCTOR STRANGE #14, Drac would seem to be the victor only for Strange to manifest a crucifix scorching the vampire before going on to cure Wong and himself of the bloodsuckers’ curse.

Things really went down years later in DOCTOR STRANGE #58-62. Turns out Strange holds a grudge, so when an opportunity to align himself with King, Drake, and Blade presents itself, he does not hesitate. Together they discover the Montesi Formula via the Darkhold and destroy every vampire on Earth including ol’ Drac himself.

Just goes to show, if you can’t handle the Sorcerer Supreme, don’t ever screw with the Sorcerer Supreme.

And She Shall Be My Queen. My X-Queen.

Dracula and Storm

Dracula, strangely, loves being married. He married Domini back in TOMB OF DRACULA. He tried to marry a succubus until Deadpool fell in love with her and married her instead. And in UNCANNY X-MEN #159, he decided that Storm would make a pretty good spouse.

Clearly the vampire has good taste. And that’s kind of a pun. Sorry.

The X-Men, however, would not simply let the Lord of the Vampires sweep in and claim their friend as his own thrall. Kitty Pryde, in particular, figured out what happened to Storm and offered herself as a sacrifice to her fellow mutant to save Storm’s soul.

In the end, Storm’s will could not be broken and she successfully shook Drac’s hold on her. The vampire, claiming to admire her strength but probably recognizing an uphill battle “let her go” and peaced out in a hurry.

Vampires on the Moon

Dracula and Doctor Doom

Dracula decided that he has had enough of not being able to invade Britain, thank you very much, and begins to plan an all-out offensive from his castle on the moon beginning in CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI:13 #10. Engaging in multi-dimensional chess, Drac ensures several vampire sympathizers infiltrate the government and help eliminate the magical safeguards that have kept the United Kingdom safe from vampires for years. In short order, Britain falls to Dracula’s vampire hordes.

Except things prove to be far different than they appear. Dracula may be a brilliant general but when it comes to declaring war on Britain, he has a whole lot of clever to contend with.

In the end, the “Vampire State” storyline sweeps in the likes of Doctor Doom and involves what is arguably Dracula’s most thorough defeat since Strange enacted the Montesi Formula.

Catching Some Rays

Dracula and Old Man Logan

Resurrected by the X-Men to kill his own son, Dracula does the deed, but only in the name of his own selfishness. Shortly after, he sets himself up with a new castle and summon all the world’s vampires to him, including Jubilee. Old Man Logan does not cotton this so he follows closely behind.

There Logan witnesses Drac marshalling his bloodsucking forces for an all-out attack. The Cranky Canuck intercedes, a move that breaks Jubilee free of Dracula’s control. In the fight that ensues, the Lord of the Vampires literally loses his head and Logan has a Sentinel toss it into the sun.

Seems like a pretty final death. But when it comes to Dracula, we all know “seems” and “actually is” can be two very different things.

AVENGERS #14, written by Jason Aaron with art by David Marquez, goes on sale Wednesday, February 6. Pre-order your copy today, either online or at your local comic shop!




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