Published May 4, 2019

Earth's Mightiest: Reflecting On The Legacy of Marvel Comics

80 years of creativity and storytelling brings us to this stunning moment in time.


The release of Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” has marked the grand conclusion to one of the most stunning eras of Marvel history.

The nature of media itself has been transformed by Marvel Super Heroes, and the narrative journey that fans have experienced has transported them from across our planet to an entirely new universe. And the genealogy of that universe traces all the way back to 1939.

For 80 years, from the formation of Marvel Comics to AVENGERS #1 to the present day, the world's greatest Super Heroes and the genius creators that have brought them to life have called the House of Ideas home. So in celebration of this incredible legacy, we're looking back at a few of the most influential writers and artists in Avengers history.

These are Earth's Mightiest.

Stan Lee

Having started as an assistant at Marvel's predecessor, Timely Comics, Stan eventually made his comic book writing debut with a story in CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #3. Then, from this promising—though unassuming—start, Lee went on to become one of the greatest titans of narrative fiction in history. Having created or co-created some of the most unique and enduring characters ever, and bringing many of them together in the pages of THE AVENGERS, Stan "The Man" stands as a pillar of the Marvel Universe in and of himself.

Jack Kirby

The visual language of the House of Ideas was built upon an utterly distinct foundation crafted by Jack Kirby. Known as "The King," Kirby created and co-created some of the most iconic and aesthetically stunning concepts ever. From artifacts to characters to entire worlds, Jack's fingerprints are on the DNA of every aspect of the modern Marvel Multiverse, led by his co-creation of the Avengers in THE AVENGERS #1 and the introduction of Black Panther in the pages of FANTASTIC FOUR #52.

Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko's imagination, and the pencil lines that flowed forth from it, are the stuff of legend. The co-creator of Spider-Man in the now iconic AMAZING FANTASY #15 and Doctor Strange in STRANGE TALES #110, Ditko has his very own Spider-Sense—for iconography and silhouettes purpose-made to pierce the public's understanding of what a Super Hero could be. The incalculable popularity of his characters stands as an shining testament to the vision and invention that Steve Ditko gifted to the world.

Jim Starlin

With a name befitting his galactic-level genius, Jim Starlin has generated some of the greatest and most operatic stories to ever appear across the mighty Marvel Universe. A supernova talent, Starlin has produced and illuminated new realms of existence, from the spacefaring tales of WARLOCK to the creation of the Mad Titan Thanos himself, to the near-mythical INFINITY GAUNTLET and INFINITY WAR.

Marvel Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada reflects on the legacy of Marvel Comics and the creators who brought us the creations that millions around the world enjoy today.


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