Published August 31, 2017

Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Kingpin

Wilson Fisk gets ready to throw his weight around Battlerealm!

Image for Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Kingpin

Taking some time off from his criminal enterprises on Earth, Wilson Fisk sets his sights on Battlerealm and its Black ISO-8. Think Kingpin can hack it in “Marvel Contest of Champions”? We talked to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Character Designer Simon Cameron to learn just that! Wilson Fisk is one seriously dangerous villain, but he’s just a mere mortal. Does he have what it takes to swindle an Elder of the Universe?

Gabriel Frizzera: Many have committed the mistake of underestimating Wilson Fisk, and ended up at the bottom of the East River. His cunning and brutality are unsurpassed; his physical strength and fighting skills surprise those who think he’s just a lumbering obese giant. The Kingpin likes it that way. His enemies never see the beast hiding behind the polite “businessman” facade until it’s too late. If there’s one word for Kingpin’s look in “Contest of Champions,” it’s “classic.” I did notice that he’s hefting a pretty brutal looking cane here. He’s no stranger to getting his hands dirty, but will he be using this weapon in battle?

Gabriel Frizzera: I guess you could call it a cane, but have you seen the size of that thing? It’s bigger and thicker than most Champion’s legs or torsos. It’s more akin to a medieval mace than a gentleman’s walking stick. Plus, this is the classic Kingpin accessory, with hidden gas and laser shooters for extra firepower. And sitting atop of it there’s a gem of pure Black ISO, powering the whole gadgetry. For a villain who’s very comfortable manipulating events behind the scenes, what did the team want to focus on for his combat style?

Simon Cameron: Fitting to his nature, Kingpin’s combat style is a mix of underhanded manipulation and well-timed aggression. In the manipulation category, he has the ability to convert Debuffs into Rage counters, increasing his attack, and the amount of power he gains during combat. Once Kingpin builds enough Rage, he triggers Overpower, which is where the aggression starts! Overpower gives him a big Fury Buff and makes his Special Attacks un-blockable. Let’s talk about True Nature. How does it set the foundation for Fisk’s other abilities?

Simon Cameron: True Nature lets Fisk start the fight with Rages already stacked up, and gives him a chance to gain several Rage counters when Overpower ends. This provides Fisk with a shortcut back in to Overpower, allowing him to spend more time in his highest damage state. And Black ISO-8, what exactly does that do? I mean that’s why Kingpin’s even in the Contest right?

Gabriel Frizzera: From this day forward, all Black ISO currently in existence is property of Allied Construction, a subsidiary of Fisk Enterprises. Better not ask too many questions, wise guy, if you don’t want their “lawyers” knocking at your door at night.

Simon Cameron: For gameplay purposes, Black ISO is a Debuff that causes both Degeneration and Ability Accuracy reduction. When do we get to take the criminal mastermind into battle?

Simon Cameron: Wilson Fisk will be entering “The Contest” on August 31.

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