Published July 3, 2017

Follow the History of Kang Pt. 3

War in the future, the hunt for the Celestial Madonna, and much more!

Image for Follow the History of Kang Pt. 3

Since the early days of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Kang the Conqueror has agitated the Avengers and then some with his mastery of multiple eras and desire to add the Marvel Universe to his empire. On November 14, the time tyrant takes on a new role as central antagonist in the “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2,” creating a campaign that crisscrosses all reality and space.

Before you play the game, discover the story behind this agent of chronological chaos with the History of Kang!

After Kang the Conqueror’s initial defeats at the hands of the mighty Avengers, one might think the chronal despot would’ve learned his lesson. Alas, quite the contrary; he reached new levels of villainy during his subsequent gambits, destroying any credit he might’ve gained previously as an honorable opponent.

The Human Torch and The Thing broke up Kang’s attempt to subjugate King Arthur, Merlin the wizard, and the entire membership of the Knights of the Roundtable during medieval times, but the rogue bounced back not long after only to lose his new time-travel craft to Thor’s anger over his Growing Man android.

The same Growing Man later kidnapped a severely injured Tony Stark from his hospital bed under the direction of his master, which prompted the Avengers to confront Kang in his far-future palace. There they learned of their enemy’s bid to save his beloved Ravonna, a dying princess from the future, by playing the so-called “Game of the Galaxies” against the immortal Grandmaster. Kang enlisted Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to fight for him, but proved his mettle as a scoundrel when he tried to kill the Grandmaster.

The Avengers clashed with such game opponents as the Squadron Sinister and the World War II-era Invaders, but in the end, they won their freedom with the help of The Black Knight. Despite his good intentions to rescue Ravonna from the brink of death, Kang instead failed in the challenge and the princess continued to cling to only a shred of life.

After a senseless scramble to use The Hulk to invade the year 1917 and a war in the 23rd century with Zarrko the Tomorrow Man, the Conqueror pulled out all stops to seek out and seduce to his side the legendary Celestial Madonna. Operating out of the old pyramid of one of his alternate previous selves, Rama-Tut, Kang abducted three women from Avengers Mansion and waged war against the heroes with his Legion of the Unliving until the heroes allied themselves with Immortus, yet another time-version of their foe.

The Vietnamese heroine Mantis stood revealed as the Celestial Madonna, but managed to elude Kang’s clutches. The despot trapped the archer Hawkeye in the Old West of 1873, prompting Thor, Moondragon, and Immortus to travel there to mount a rescue. When Thor battled Kang for past and present grievances, the fight rang out over the land until the time lord’s armor overloaded and he seeming perished in a massive dispersal of his personal atoms. Immortus noted that with Kang gone, both he and Rama-Tut would never exist, and so to prove his theory, he faded away into nothingness before the startled eyes of the Avengers.

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