Published October 25, 2017

Generation X: Skin Deep

Writer Christina Strain details a homecoming for Husk!

Image for Generation X: Skin Deep

Having made her debut as the younger sister of the mutant Cannonball, she became a fan favorite when her own mutation morphed her into the hero called Husk. Now, after a long hiatus, Paige Guthrie returns.

Written by Christina Strain with art by Amilcar Pinna, Husk rejoins her original companions on November 22 in GENERATION X #9!

You’ve got questions—and we got Christina to spill some answers. How would you describe Husk’s essential components?

Christina Strain: I’d say the most important things to know about Paige are that she’s driven, resilient, and an all-around boss. Kind of like the girl next door who’s a born leader. And what about those crazy mutant abilities of hers?

Christina Strain: Her powers are that she can “husk” off her outer skin for “a new form beneath.” Including undamaged skin, metal, stone—the list goes on. I guess she’s kind of like an iPhone with a million different cases you can take off to reveal a new one underneath? I just made this answer really weird, didn’t I? Just how we like ‘em in the X-Universe! So, who would you say Paige has missed the most among her former teammates?

Christina Strain: Jubilee! Ride or die! Who has she maybe missed the least?

Christina Strain: I dunno about missed the least… It’s hard to say because personally, I think enough time’s passed since the original Gen X that whatever bad feelings she might’ve had in the past are in the past? In my mind, she feels fine with Chamber, because they haven’t been a thing in years. I mean, he seems like the boy you date before you know any better—and now Paige knows better. And then with Monet…she just wants to save Monet from her crazy brother Emplate. So there’s that. In the past, Husk could be sensitive about her simple Kentucky heritage. Does that influence her actions in this story?

Christina Strain: Not really. But my editor, Darren Shan, keeps reminding me that she’s from the south so I try to throw in a few things here and there. For him. You’re welcome, Darren. Now, overall, what have you found to be the greatest joy in writing GENERATION X?

Christina Strain: The characters! I knew I loved them going in, but I’ve really enjoyed exploring them more thoroughly. They’re all just such good kids and I’m just so proud to call them mine!

Husk returns in GENERATION X #9, by Christina Strain and artist Amilcar Pinna, on November 22!