Published August 7, 2019

Get an Exclusive First Look Inside 'Alpha Flight: True North' #1

Clock a few copies of Canada's most captivating crew as you celebrate Marvel's 80th anniversary!


Grab your hat and come travel light...adventure lies just around the bend in September 4's ALPHA FLIGHT: TRUE NORTH #1!

ALPHA FLIGHT: TRUE NORTH #1 cover by Nick Bradshaw

Written by Jim Zub, Jed MacKay, and Ed Brisson⁠ with art by Max Dunbar, Djibril Morissette-Phan, and Scott Hepburn,  ALPHA FLIGHT: TRUE NORTH #1 features three brand-new tales no one has ever told...until now! And in case you're keeping score, True Believer, we ain't pulling the proverbial wool over your peepers; this creative team is composed entirely of clever Canucks!

These committed connoisseurs of the Commonwealth are putting together the greatest collection of Canadian Super Heroes the world has ever seen, and now, you can get a glimpse at the secret history of classic Alpha Flight stalwarts like Puck, Snowbird, Talisman, Northstar, Marrina, Guardian, Vindicator, and more!

"We’re bringing back the greatest of the Great White North, Canada’s premiere super-team Alpha Flight! "says erudite editor Chris Robinson (sadly not Canadian). "And we’ve assembled a super-team of Canadian talent behind the scenes for extra authenticity. Trust me, these guys are going deep into the Deparment H files to tie-up those loose Alpha Flight story threads that have been keeping you all up at night. You wanted dip with the chips? Here it is!"

Look at a few preview pages for ALPHA FLIGHT: TRUE NORTH #1 in the gallery below, pre-order this incredible ish at your local comic shop today, then pick it up on September 4!




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