Published November 7, 2018

Get Caught Up with Spider-Geddon

See what went down in issues #0, #1, and #2 ahead of today's Spider-Geddon #3!

Everyone’s favorite Spider-eating vampires, the Inheritors, are back in SPIDER-GEDDON.

The sequel to 2016's SPIDER-VERSE has been raging, and Spider-heroes from across the Marvel Multiverse are caught up in the chaos. The entire Spider-Verse is at risk, especially since the Web of Life and Destiny no longer has a guardian... But today, Miles Morales, the Superior Spider-Man, Supaidaman, and more are teaming up in an attempt to win back control of the tussle in SPIDER-GEDDON #3.

If you've been reading all along, we've assembled a quick refresher to prep you for the new issue. And if you haven't gotten on board yet, here's all you need to know before you join the fight today.



The Spider-Man of Earth-1048 (and Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4!) is in the middle of taking care of the Tarantula when the Superior Spider-Man of Earth-616 shows up to ask for his assistance. Spidey-1048 doesn’t believe the newcomer, leading to a skirmish between the two that allows Tarantula to escape.

Spidey-616 tells Spidey-1048 that the Inheritors want to turn Earth-616 into a base where they can consume Spider-heroes from across different dimensions. Oh, and by the way, Spidey-616 is an alternate version of Otto Octavius.

Spidey-616 helps Spidey-1048 to take down Tarantula. Once that’s over with, the Earth-1048 web-slinger warns the Miles Morales of his universe that he’ll be gone for a bit and that Miles has to hold down the fort should anything come up. Spidey-616 and Spidey-1048 then set off to help save the Spider-Verse, while Spidey-1048 coins the phrase “Spider-Geddon.”



Miles Morales of Earth-616 makes quick work of the Vulturions when he is recruited by Spider-UK, Octavia Otto, Spider-Ham, Spider-Punk, Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Man Noir. Then, after a battle with Count Nefaria, the Superior Octopusthe “Champion” of San Franciscois revealed to be in possession of cloning technology that merges the knowledge of the Jackal and the Inheritors.

The Spider-heroes break into Octopus’s lab and intend to destroy the cloning technology. Octavius won’t listen to reason, arrogant enough to believe that his clones contain only his DNA. Spider-Man Noir attempts to blow up the machines when Morlun is reborn. Jennix and Verna follow, as all three of them plan to revive the rest of their family and put down roots in this new dimension.

The Superior Octopus realizes his grave mistake only after Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Man UK are killed.



The remaining Spider-heroes attempt to prevent the three Inheritors from bringing back their kin. To help things along, the Superior Octopus helps initiate the self-destruct sequence in his lab. Spider-Gwen volunteers to stay behind and make sure none of the Inheritors escape; she plans to teleport out of the lab at the last second with her Dimension Wristwatch. Verna gets a hold of her and tries to consume her lifeforce, but realizes that Gwen’s costume is made of a Symbiote.

Gwen keeps Verna in the lab as it explodes, but to no avail. Vera gets the Dimensional Wristwatch, allowing the Inheritors to bring back the rest of the family, save for their father. They also want to rebuild the cloning vats as an insurance policy in case they lose their bodies again.

Meanwhile, the web-heads head to Loomworld, where they inform Karn (former Inheritor and current guardian of the Web of Life and Destiny) that things did not go as planned. Karn assures them that all is not lost, so long as the Inheritors’ father is not resurrected.

The wallcrawlers break off into different groups, traveling to different realities to recruit more heroes and formulate plans. Vera shows up at Loomworld and sucks out her brother’s lifeforce.

And finally, it is revealed that Spider-Gwen survived, and is stranded on Earth-3109.

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