Published November 30, 2016

9 Ways Mister Immortal Has Died

Take a lethal look back at the several ways Craig Hollis has met his end!

Image for Great Lakes Avengers: The Many Deaths of Mr. Immortal

Mr. Immortal, founding member of the Great Lakes Avengers, has the uncanny ability to resurrect and recover from any mortal injury. Over the years, he’s perished more times than we can count. Below, we’ve collected some of his most important—or, in some cases, most ridiculous—deaths.

Birth of a Hero
Craig Hollis’ mother died giving birth to him. Her final wish? That the cosmic entity Deathurge look after her son. The living embodiment of humanity’s self-destructive urges, Deathurge guides Hollis through life, until he discovers his latent power of self-resurrection. Craig decides to use his ability to become the hero Mr. Immortal.

A Strong Beginning
During Craig’s first attempt to stop a crime, he’s shot and killed. In the time it takes him to recover and resurrect, the criminal escapes. He decides then that Mr. Immortal will need a team around him if he wants to succeed. So, naturally, he places a personal ad and soon the Great Lakes Avengers are founded.

New Love
Craig eventually falls in love with another member of the GLA, the being known as Dinah Soar. She uses her empathic powers to calm Craig when he revives, soothing his usual state of stress and rage upon coming back to life. However, in the team’s battle against Maelstrom, Mr. Immortal dies and as Dinah helps him recover, she’s killed by an energy blast from their enemy.

The Urge to Die
Craig becomes inconsolable, and attempts to kill himself a number of times, to no avail. Soon after, when Deathurge appears as a squirrel to take Monkey Joe to the afterlife, Craig traps him and the cosmic rodent reveals his destiny: to live to the end of the universe and learn the grand secret that only then will come to light.

Defeating Maelstrom
Craig leads the team against Maelstrom, and upon learning their enemy has worked with Deathurge, he preys on the suicidal tendencies that come with that. Mr. Immortal convinces the villain that leaving himself alone in the universe is an awful plan, and coaxes him into a shared suicide. After they both shoot themselves, Craig recovers in time to shut off Maelstrom’s machine and save the universe.

Death by Deadpool
Outside of these greatly affecting deaths, Mr. Immortal has died a number of times. In fact, he’s been killed no less than three times just by Deadpool. He was holding a bandolier of grenades when the merc hit detonate, he was straight-up shot and killed, and Deadpool even decapitated him once. Needless to say, the two aren’t exactly friends.

Some of Craig’s worst deaths have come at the hands of villains wielding some weight with their powers. He got squished like a bug by Terminus in battle alongside the GLA, and he found himself crushed between two walls when fighting him alongside the Thunderbolts. Hollis has since become slightly averse to fighting giant and/or gravity-controlling villains.