Published April 13, 2023

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ #2 Preview Takes the Team to Deep Space

The Guardians of the Galaxy continue to protect the cosmos from Grootfall in this preview of the upcoming issue.

The race against Grootfall continues! 

 This week, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 kicked off with a brand-new story by writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Kev Walker. In their jam-packed first issue, this creative team established a new status quo for our band of heroes and started providing some answers about the burning mystery of Grootfall.  

In this issue, Star Lord, Gamora, and the other Guardians arrive on Galilee IV, where they lead an evacuation effort to try and prevent a massacre at the hands of their former teammate, Groot. For yet-to-be-revealed reasons, Groot has transformed into an apocalyptic, world-devouring force of nature. Now, only the Guardians of the Galaxy stand between Grootfall and his insatiable hunger.  

In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2, the team continues to protect the fringes of space from Grootfall. This preview of the upcoming issue shows the Guardians of the Galaxy continuing their watch over the Manifold Territories.  

The double-page spread below spotlights the whole team as they gear up and wander out into the vast cosmos. In this preview, Star Lord explains the dangers of Grootfall to an old ally. On one page, Gamora and Nebula charge into action. On another, Drax longingly stares into space.

Gaze into space with this first look of the upcoming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2 below 

The Guardians of the Galaxy by Kev Walker


Stay tuned for more news regarding your favorite cosmic Super Heroes and be sure to pick up GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2 on May 17. 

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