Published November 1, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy: Infinity Quest

Artist Marcus To talks Infinity Stones, Nova Corps, and emotional turmoil!

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The hunt for the Infinity Stones continues in writer Gerry Duggan and artist Marcus To’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #147!

On November 15, before these space cowboys can save the universe, they’ve got to save themselves. Managing the spurs in their sides—the missing cosmic Elders, Groot’s inability to progress through plant puberty, and Loki sneaking around behind the scenes—will prove difficult.

We spoke with Marcus to hear a little more about how the team might tackle these problems. Can you give us a rundown on this Marvel Legacy arc so far?

Marcus To: For my arc on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, the gang joins the Nova Corps. I imagine that it would be like the guys from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” trying to do a job while playing spy at the same time. They don’t really know what they’re doing, but we’ll see some old favorites—and some serious developments—that will have lasting repercussions in the quest for the Stones. Also, expect some big fights. What can we expect visually from your work on this arc?

Marcus To: I always try to make sure the visuals look fun and expressive, especially for characters like the ones in the Guardians. [Colorist] Ian Herring and I want to create classic sci-fi adventures with the art style we’re coming up with. Which aspects of the book did you find to be the most interesting to portray? Which were the most challenging?

Marcus To: I love the unique looks to all the Guardians; it’s something really different than other books and you can have a lot of fun with designs like Rocket and Groot. The hardest part in any team book has always been the amount of characters in each panel. A lot of group shots and crowd scenes take more time to draw and to plan out. Gerry has introduced a few new characters to the team—what roles will they play in the quest for the Infinity Stones?

Marcus To: The team is still finding out more about Rich Rider and Scott Lang. They’re a fractured team in a lot of ways and each of them wants to figure out where they fit—if at all. The team might be a little stressed with everything going onGamora’s strange Soul Stone connection, Groot not growing, and now learning that some of the Cosmic Elders have gone missing. How will they deal with it all?

Marcus To: Not too well. Some are hiding secrets from the others while others are nearing emotional breakdowns. Each of them wavers, and by the end of the arc, we’ll see who stays and who goes. Will issue #147 see any of those problems solved?

Marcus To: There’s going to be a solution at the end for one of them, but we don’t know yet if it’ll make things better or worse. Describe the dynamic of the group now that a couple new characters have joined the fray.

Marcus To: The best thing about team books is exploring their past relationships. We’re totally going to see how they react to Nova being there. At the moment Gamora is keeping her feelings on that close to the chest. What about Peter and Rich?

Marcus To: This relationship will be a little more explosive. How will the Nova Corps continue to manage working with this band of not-so law abiding space bandits?

Marcus To: The best way to find a scoundrel is with a scoundrel. The Corps will learn how to bend the rules for the greater good. That said, some of the Guardians might end up enjoying being a part of the Corps a little too much.

Check out GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #147, by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Marcus To, on November 15!


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