Published December 23, 2016

Gwenpool Army

What Can We Expect from Gwen's Squad?

Image for Gwenpool Army

GWENPOOL fans know that things don’t always work out as planned for our budding antihero. So the upcoming GWENPOOL #10, which will see Gwen leading an army all her own, could certainly have its fair share of misadventures. We caught up with writer Christopher Hastings about what we can expect.

Dudes in Costume
“First off, we’ll see a bunch of buff, bad dudes in the Gwenpool uniform, kicking alien butt with their quads out. I thought it would be really funny to stick a bunch of muscley guys in Gwen’s costume, but after seeing how Gurihiru drew it…it kind of works for them? They look good!”

Fun with the M.O.D.O.K Base
“Gwen has full control of the M.O.D.O.K. mobile base, and other than seeing it perched in various places across the city, we haven’t seen it go into battle yet. Gwen finds the button that unleashes the weapons. Lotta explosions.”

Personal Growth? Whaaat?
“Gwen leads this army and giant mech thing into a relatively untouched-by-super-heroes part of Brooklyn. We challenge Gwen’s assumptions about who counts as a “real person” and who doesn’t in the Marvel Universe. She might actually learn some empathy for the other normal people in this world…or she might just step on their house with the M.O.D.O.K. base.”

Big Decisions For Gwen
“As we’ve set up, the cops have started to figured out Gwen’s deal now. If she launches a full-scale invasion into Bay Ridge, she’ll find them right on top of her. Does she pit this army against the police? Doing that might set her into full-blown super villain origin…”

Scary Stuff for C-Listers
“To fully admit to the rules Gwen believes about this world…we made up Mega Tony and Terrible Eye for this book. And we consider Batroc a C-lister. So they can get killed. Not good news for them, since Gwen will have to fight off an army of alien arms dealers for real for the first time. Gwen’s the hero of her own book, but the others don’t have that advantage. Might not go great.”