Published January 9, 2017

Hawkeye: Manifest Destiny

Kate Bishop becomes the latest Marvel hero to venture west!

Image for Hawkeye: Manifest Destiny

While the Gold Rush has long passed, Kate Bishop, like so many Americans, has heard the siren song of California and decided to hit the road for the Golden State.

In fact, not only have many Americans made the trek but so too have several Marvel heroes over the years. In case Kate needs some advice about where to eat or a good laundry mat to clean your costume, we put together a call sheet for her to use should she need it. And be sure to follow our hero’s continuing adventures in HAWKEYE #3, available February 1.

West Coast Avengers/Force Works
Avengers cannot be kept to one coast, for the good of mankind, so a new branch ends up established in Los Angeles. Boasting East Coast transplants like Kate’s fellow Hawkeye Clint Barton as well as Mockingbird and War Machine at its founding, the team became the California destination for plenty more heroes over the years, including Wasp, Hank Pym, Thing, and Vision.

In time, Iron Man would vote to shut down the WCA only to resurrect it immediately afterwards as Force Works. The team initially included the Golden Avenger himself, USAgent, and Scarlet Witch joined by the likes of Spider-Woman and Wonder Man.

Daredevil and Black Widow
Partners and lovers, Black Widow and Daredevil decided to head to the City by the Bay, San Francisco, for a change of scenery and to move their relationship forward. While they proved a great team in and out of costume, not all things last, and the two called it quits and left Frisco behind as well, in short order.

Moon Knight
Moon Knight has spent a lot of time moving around the past few years, including trips below the border to hang out/hide out in Mexico. His most high profile relocation, however, has been to Los Angeles where he produced a TV show based on his own masked adventures and faced off with Count Nefaria.

West Coasters from the start, these teen heroes eventually made their way to the Big Apple. However, after Secret Invasion and some time travel, they longed to go home again, settling in Malibu. Unfortunately, in many ways, their return to the West Coast proved their unraveling and the group of unlikely friends have not really been together since.

After years of questing to bring peace to the world, the mutants of the Marvel decided to go west to find themselves a slice of peace instead. Their island enclave off San Francisco’s coast, named Utopia, alas, proved a short-lived respite for the long hounded heroes and their friends and families.

Daredevil (again)
Matt Murdock returned to San Francisco once more after completely giving up on his secret identity. Finding the West Coast to be a bit more…relaxed about his double life, DD did well, even adapting a costume appropriate for court visits too. Once again, however, the Man Without Fear came to realize that only New York, New York could be home.

Kate Bishop
Well, would you look at that. Turns out that maybe Kate might not need all this extra help. After all, she’s been to Los Angeles before; after growing disillusioned with her father and her mentor, Clint Barton, she briefly made the sojourn to battle Madame Masque and appreciate all that sun, surf, and modern noir trappings.

Go west with Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, and Kate Bishop with HAWKEYE #3 on February 1!