Published January 18, 2017

Hellcat: One Sick Kitty

Kate Leth updates us on Patsy Walker’s health status!

Image for Hellcat: One Sick Kitty

Even super heroes get sick.


Whether it’s Spidey sneezing in his mask or the Man Without Fear being so congested his radar sense gets thrown off, heroes suffer the indignities of cold and flu season just as awkwardly and uncomfortably as the rest of us.

For Patsy Walker, however, her situation will quickly make it clear she has one very uncommon cold.

PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT! writer Kate Leth gave us a few moments of her time to fill us in while we all waited in the line at the pharmacy to stock up on Kleenex and cough drops for issue #15, available February 15. What has Patsy under the weather? Are we talking common cold, flu, or something worse?

Kate Leth: Patsy’s come down with a mild case of the reality-warping, dimension-skewing sniffles. The world, alas, does not stop spinning for us when we are sick and I’d assume it is the same for Patsy. While she cuddles under a blanket and slurps chicken soup, what might be unfolding in the wider world?

Kate Leth: Patsy is actually readily involved in this one—or, I should say, reluctantly.

What starts off as a few innocent fires rapidly evolves into real danger! With no clues as to where it comes from or how to stop it, Patsy’s left feeling overwhelmed and helpless, on top of an already Everest-like mountain of stress. It’s not her best week! Who amongst Hellcat’s friends are stepping up to help the unhealthy hero?

Kate Leth: This arc was such a joy to write, because Hellcat’s backed up by such a great crew. America Chavez, Jubilee, and Patsy’s landlord/former super hero Sharon King are along for the ride, which includes some familiar faces… What kind of tasks are her friends stepping up to take care of? Are they up to it or will these goals be a bit too much for them?

Kate Leth: Nothing’s ever too easy for Patsy Walker, so there are challenges.

[Artist] Brittney Williams and I actually came up for the arc when we were both late on deadlines because of a cold that just would not quit, so it’s a weird, fun, bizarre story. A lot of it centers around Patsy not taking good enough care of herself, stretching herself too thin trying to do everything, and that can have disastrous consequences!

As always, with [PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT!], it’s a super hero story, but really it’s about people just doing their best with what they’ve got.

Kate Leth and Brittney Williams have the cure for the common comic with PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT! #15, available February 15!