Published May 6, 2021

Hellfire Gala Previews and Predictions: Hellions

Look inside 'Hellions' #12 as Mister Sinister and company crash the party!

On June 2, the mutant nation of Krakoa is hosting the party of the year: the Hellfire Gala. In a remarkable show of generosity and power, the Hellfire Trading Company’s White Queen, Emma Frost, has invited a selection of Krakoa’s human allies and even a few of their foes, to come out and enjoy the festivities.

But do you know who’s not invited? The Hellions. Not that they care. 


It’s somewhat ironic that the proverbial misfits of Krakoa share their team name with Frost’s beloved students. These Hellions are anything but well-adjusted individuals, even though two of them used to be members of the X-Men.

Take Alex Summers for example. As Havok, Alex was the leader of the government sanctioned team of mutants called X-Factor. Years later, he was recruited by Captain America himself to lead the Avengers Unity Squad. For a short period of time, Havok was the poster boy for mutant and human relations. But something happened to Havok during the Axis incident in New York City... He reemerged as an extremist and never returned to the Avengers. While reports out of Krakoa indicate that Havok was “cured” of whatever affected him, his membership in the Hellions suggests otherwise.

HELLIONS #12 preview art by Stephen Segovia with colors by David Curiel
HELLIONS #12 preview art by Stephen Segovia with colors by David Curiel

Psylocke was also a member of the X-Men, but not necessarily the one that you’re thinking about. Psylocke’s body was reportedly inhabited by Betsy Braddock for several years. That body originally belonged to the assassin known as Kwannon, and she resurfaced in Betsy’s body and fought alongside the X-Men for a short period. Since the women have returned to their rightful bodies, Kwannon is said to have had a difficult time finding her place on Krakoa. And yet, comparatively, she’s the most well-adjusted member of her new team.

Very little is known about Sinister, the Hellions’ sponsor and leader. He was supposedly one the X-Men’s foes before making an alliance with Charles Xavier and joining Krakoa’s Quiet Council. Despite his flamboyant attire and demeanor, Sinister has managed to hide himself from the general public for a very long time. It begs the question about what else he’s hiding, even from his supposed allies on Krakoa.

HELLIONS #12 preview art by Stephen Segovia with colors by David Curiel
HELLIONS #12 preview art by Stephen Segovia with colors by David Curiel

Regardless of their social status among the mutants, it looks like this trio will be making a sanctioned appearance at the Hellfire Gala. Designer Stephen Segovia has provided specially created outfits for all three of them.

Psylocke’s gown embraces her Japanese culture and it is far less revealing than many of the other costumes at this year’s event. The inclusion of flowers in the design is a particularly nice touch.

A similar approach was taken with Havok’s outfit. It incorporates some elements from his iconic costume, but it also features an embroidered design that mimics his power signature. It’s a very visually striking look.

HELLIONS #12 preview art by Stephen Segovia with colors by David Curiel
HELLIONS #12 preview art by Stephen Segovia with colors by David Curiel

As for Sinister, the man loves his capes and tassels. And we have to admit, he’s got a very keen sense of fashion. He may not be “Mister Popularity,” but we predict that Sinister could easily rank among the top ten best dressed at the Hellfire Gala.

The same can not be said for the remaining Hellions: Empath, Nanny, Orphan-Maker, Greycrow, and Wild Child. It's yet to be seen whether they join the list of party crashers, though at the moment, it seems their attendance was neither requested nor required. Unfortunately for everyone else, they don’t care about following the rules. If they crash the party, who’s going to kick them out?

Pre-order HELLIONS #12 today, then read it on Wednesday, June 2!



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