Published March 1, 2019

How Carol Danvers Became Captain Marvel

Reexamine Kelly Sue DeConnick's landmark run with the Super Hero!

Leading up to the March 8 debut of Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel", we're taking a look back at the most important moments in Carol Danvers' comic book history.

Carol Danvers leveled-up in 2012 when writer Kelly Sue DeConnick began shepherding her adventures in CAPTAIN MARVEL and AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Not only did she score a new costume, she also finally took on the mantle of Captain Marvel after her friend Captain America suggested it.


Things weren't all rosy for Carol, though. Her good friend Tracy Burke was going through chemotherapy treatments and they both heard that Danvers' hero Helen Cobb died. A World War II pilot with all kinds of flying records, Cobb stood as a shining example of incredible female power and leadership amidst a difficult and dangerous world.

Cobb left Danvers with her old plane and an unspoken challenge: try and beat her altitude record! Never one to back down from a challenge, Carol gave it a try and found herself instead tumbling through time! First she fell through the ages and fought Japanese soldiers near Peru during World War II along with the Banshee Squad!

Then, she jumped to the '60s and hung out with Helen in her younger days. The duo then found themselves witnessing the explosion that gave Carol her powers. Along the way, Carol collected time-lost pieces of the Psyche-Magnitron and kept one for herself.

Captain Marvel (2012) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Upon returning to her own time, Carol hung out with Monica Rambeau to check out some sunken ships and planes that eventually turned into a giant robot. After that, she saw her doctor who gave her some bad news: she had a lesion on her brain that got worse when she flew...

Of course, Carol refused give up the fight. Her new assistant Wendy Kawasaki arranged for Captain America to drop off one of his flying motorcycles which she used to fight old foes like Deathbird and Kree Sentries.

However, she soon discovered that her oldest foe, Yon-Rogg, was behind it all, even creating the enemies she and the Avengers fought. Though he was assumed dead way back when the Psyche-Magnitron exploded, he actually became bonded with it. Dubbing himself Magnitron, the disgraced Kree took on Carol and her teammates.

Captain Marvel (2012) #2

What is Marvel Unlimited?

To finally stop Magnitron, Danvers risked her own life by flying to stop his machinations, using up a lot of her power, but surviving to fight another day. That worked out well for the universe at large as the reality-shaking INFINITY event threatened the Earth. Even though Carol had memory problems at the time, she did manage to tap into her Binary powers during a battle.

Back on Earth, Carol hung out with her friends, received the key to New York City from Mayor J. Jonah Jameson, and fought a disgruntled writer by the name of Grace Valentine. From there she scored a new apartment in the crown of the Statue of Liberty and brought this particular volume of CAPTAIN MARVEL to an end.

Avengers Assemble (2012) #9

What is Marvel Unlimited?

But, of course, that's far from the end of her entire story. Come back next week for one new History of Captain Marvel every day to celebrate the release of the film!

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