Published July 17, 2020

How to Draw Thor

Join artist Damion Scott for a livestream tutorial!

And lo...the Herald of Thunder, the Lightning Caller, the Scion of Asgard turned All-Father—Thor—arrives. 

Prepare to be smote with that mighty mystical mallet called Mjolnir in the form of another heavenly How to Draw tutorial!

Swinging the pencils this time, True Believers, is all-star artist Damion Scott, who's set to delineate and define each and every one of the Odinson's delightful details—as you watch along!

Tune in for the stream on Marvel's Twitch channel right here—or join in via Marvel's FacebookTwitter, or YouTube—to see how the dizzyingly talented Damion draws Thor!

Thor by Damion Scott
Thor by Damion Scott
Thor by Damion Scott
Thor by Damion Scott

Keep an eye on for more! Pax et Justitia!



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