Published April 4, 2024

Meet Hunter's Moon, the Other Fist of Khonshu

Who is Hunter's Moon? Learn more about Doctor Yehya Badr, a physician who serves as a Fist of Khonshu alongside Marc Spector.

Though Moon Knight is certainly the better-known Fist of Khonshu, he is not the only human agent serving the ancient Egyptian God of Vengeance in this capacity. The hard-hitting vigilante Hunter's Moon acts as the other Fist of Khonshu.

Although Hunter's Moon initially started out as an adversary for Moon Knight, he eventually become a vital ally and an important figure in Marc Spector's latest venture, the Midnight Mission. With Moon Knight currently missing and presumed dead, it's up to Hunter's Moon to carry out his greatest frenemy's mission by defending the more monstrous and shadowy parts of the Marvel Universe.

Here is everything you need to know about Hunter's Moon, including his intense dynamic with Moon Knight, his history with the Midnight Mission, and his new role before VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT (2024) shines a light into the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe.


Hunter's Moon is the costumed alter ego of Doctor Yehya Badr, an Egyptian physician who was selected by Khonshu to become another avatar for his mission of vengeance on Earth after Moon Knight distanced himself from the ancient deity and his bloody cause. Khonshu chose Yehya after the unassuming doctor was attacked viciously by vampires and left for dead, with Khonshu saving Yehya's life in exchange for his complete allegiance. Yeyha agreed, becoming a faithful follower of Khonshu; he also received the memories of all previous Moon Knights when he took on the mantle of Hunter's Moon.

Newly empowered, Yehya relocated to New York City to run a local clinic while secretly keeping an eye on Moon Knight and his new organization, the Midnight Mission. Hunter's Moon planned to rein in Moon Knight and turn his wayward loyalties back towards Khonshu by any means necessary, even if that meant destroying the Midnight Mission. When Hunter's Moon learned Moon Knight and the Midnight Mission provided a safe haven for vampires and other nocturnal entities, his grudge against Moon Knight and the Mission deepened considerably.


As a fellow Fist of Khonshu, Hunter's Moon received many of the same abilities and capabilities as Moon Knight. In their first encounter, Hunter's Moon physically overpowered Moon Knight. He beat him brutally, proving how formidable he is in combat mastery. Complimenting his heightened strength, speed, and endurance, Hunter's Moon is armed with his own set of weapons, including spiked gauntlets that he handles expertly.

In addition to his combat abilities, Hunter's Moon is telepathically connected to all the past avatars of Khonshu, allowing him to draw from their memories and experiences at a moment's notice—a skill Moon Knight lacks. Like Moon Knight, Hunter's Moon's strength is affected by the lunar cycles, with both heroes at their strongest when the moon is full. Through his own studies, particularly into Egyptian mysticism, Hunter's Moon can carry out rituals that heal even the most grievous wounds.


Created by Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio, Hunter's Moon was introduced under his civilian identity of Doctor Yehya Badr in MOON KNIGHT (2021) #1. Khonshu sent Yehya into action after Moon Knight and the Avengers teamed up to overthrow the conquering god, ultimately imprisoning the God of Vengeance in Asgard in AVENGERS (2018) #38

Yehya gained Moon Knight's attention by beating the costumed burglar 8-Ball. He immediately identified himself as a faithful acolyte of Khonshu and admonished Moon Knight for abandoning their benefactor's cause.

Summarily dismissed by Moon Knight, a frustrated Yehya returned to his office, which revealed he had his own statue of Khonshu as well as a costumed identity as Hunter's Moon. Following his unsuccessful warning to Moon Knight, Hunter's Moon swore to eliminate any distractions from Moon Knight's true mission, including the Midnight Mission. At the time, Hunter's Moon reasoned that Moon Knight needed a correction, but this would soon turn into a full-blown feud between the two Fists of Khonshu.


Hunter's Moon drew Moon Knight into an ambush by attacking the vampires under the Midnight Mission's protection, quickly revealing his power as a Fist of Khonshu. As Hunter's Moon prepared to finish off the vampires seeking refuge in the Midnight Mission, Moon Knight resumed their conflict and defeated him in MOON KNIGHT (2021) #3. After seeing firsthand how much the vampires trusted in and genuinely cared for Moon Knight, Hunter's Moon's harsh opinion of his rival began to gradually shift towards begrudging admiration.

When Moon Knight was temporarily incapacitated in MOON KNIGHT (2021) #8, Yehya filled in for Marc Spector at the Midnight Mission, introducing himself to its patrons as Doctor Moon. Hunter's Moon's burgeoning alliance with Moon Knight wasn't well-received by their mutual enemies, and Hunter's Moon was defeated and captured by the fearsome Zodiac and his associates. After Hunter's Moon was killed by two hired assassins working against the Midnight Mission, Khonshu resurrected him, tacitly approving of his latest avatar's recent aid to Moon Knight.


After Marc Spector sacrificed himself to save New York and the Midnight Mission from Black Spectre, Hunter's Moon stepped up to claim the mantle of Moon Knight from his late frenemy. Launching into his new role in VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT (2024) #1, the new Moon Knight continued the important function of the Midnight Mission by looking after and defending the more supernaturally oriented figures discarded by society. Like Marc Spector, Yehya wasn't alone in this cause; his vampiric associates Reese and Soldier, Tigra, and even the reformed 8-Ball joined him.

It wasn't long into Yehya's tenure as Moon Knight that the Midnight Mission ran into some serious threats, with someone claiming to be the resurrected Moon Knight attacking the Mission. Hunter's Moon made desperate alliances to learn the identity of the person posing as Moon Knight. With Marc Spector's allies in the Midnight Mission by his side, Hunter's Moon is quickly proving himself worthy of the Moon Knight title as he keeps the shadows safe.

Hunter's Moon mourns Moon Knight in VENGEANCE OF MOON KNIGHT #4, now on sale!

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