Published October 5, 2017

J. Jonah Jameson…The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Learn about everyone's favorite hot-headed editor.

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Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson have always had a relationship that’s…complicated to say the least. With that in mind, we wanted to take the opportunity to offer a little background on everyone’s favorite hot-headed editor.

Military History

Most of us know Jameson for his temper, and his domineering personality. This probably served him in the past, because before his days at the Daily Bugle, he was as an army officer. These days, he still seems to have the leadership style of a drill sergeant.


But Triple J has found himself on the receiving end of other people’s less than friendly attitudes, as well. In high school, three of his school’s top athletes began bullying him — but he fought back, ultimately succeeding in beating up all of them. This impressed his future wife Joan, and the two began dating. So while Jameson and Peter don’t necessarily have a lot in common, he may be able to relate to Peter’s history with Flash Thompson.

Mayor of New York

Believe it or not, Jonah once got elected as mayor of New York City. During this storyline, we get to see him interacting with his dad, Triple J Senior, who tries to convince him to put an end to his crazy feud with Spidey.

On Again, Off Again

As we mentioned, Spidey and Triple J have always had a complicated relationship. Jameson has published a lot of articles accusing Spidey of various misdeeds, but has quickly retracted them. And he’s famous for always wanting photos of Spidey to run in the paper. So he clearly has a fascination with the super hero on some level, even though he might not fully trust him. And of course, Jameson learned Spidey’s identity during CIVIL WAR. The fact that Peter had worked right under his nose for years infuriated him.

Secret Empire

Like basically everyone in the Marvel U, Jameson felt the impact recently of the events of SECRET EMPIRE. During that story arc, Kraven the Hunter raided the Bugle’s offices, looking for information on Spider-Man. He attacked Jameson, but was ultimately defeated by Spider-Woman.