Published February 9, 2024

Mary Jane Interrupts Felicia Hardy's Latest Job in 'Jackpot & Black Cat' #1 First Look

In a special first look at 'Jackpot & Black Cat' #1, Felicia casually commits a casino heist, only to run into New York City's newest super hero: Mary Jane Watson!

Face it, Felicia—you just got hit by Jackpot!

In Celeste Bronfman and Emilio Laiso's JACKPOT & BLACK CAT (2024) #1, Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy will strike out on a new team-up. When a classic Spider-Man villain starts to blackmail Felicia into a blatant—and very public—crime spree, Mary Jane steps in… but this time, she'll come in swinging with her very own set of super-powers! Together, this dynamic duo will unravel the mystery behind Felicia's predicament, as well as the history that brought them all together.

A special first look at JACKPOT & BLACK CAT (2024) #1 shows Mary Jane whizzing through the air in her Jackpot costume, while Felicia goes for a stroll through a casino packed with super villains and other shady figures. After picking the pocket of a bodyguard, Felicia checks her phone in one page, only to take off with several large bags of cash in another. Finally, Felicia makes it back to her getaway vehicle and finds Mary Jane parked there as well.

Catch Mary Jane and Felicia's reunion in a special first look at JACKPOT AND BLACK CAT #1 below!

JACKPOT & BLACK CAT (2024) #1 interior artwork by Emilio Laiso

On Sale 3/27

Do Mary Jane and Felicia have what it takes to stop this Spidey villain? Find out in JACKPOT AND BLACK CAT #1, on sale March 27!

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Jackpot & Black Cat #1 Preview


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