Published September 27, 2017

Jean Grey: Psychic Violence

A look back at the complex history between Jean and Emma Frost!

Image for Jean Grey: Psychic Violence

As two of the most powerful psychic forces in the Marvel Universe, it only stands to reason that sometimes Jean Grey and Emma Frost would come into conflict. However, the viciousness of their rivalry does surprise, especially as, usually, Jean proves to be the far more ruthless one.

Don’t believe us? Well, that hurts a bit. But here you go anyway: evidence.

The White Queen Debuts

As the X-Men tangle with the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw employs his ace in the hole: powerful psychic Emma Frost, better known as The White Queen. He, naturally, has brought Emma on to neutralize the X-Men’s signature wielder of psychic power, Jean Grey. However, this Jean…has changed.

Flush with the Phoenix Force and already starting to overindulge, Grey proves more than ready for Frost’s skills. The burgeoning Phoenix “beats” the Queen nearly to death and Emma has no choice but to fake her own suicide to stop Jean from finishing the job.

A Very Unethical Therapist

After Scott Summers’ seeming demise and brief time with Apocalypse, he returns to the X-Men feeling disconnected and adrift. Emma offers psychic counseling and Cyclops uncharacteristically agrees to treatment. Quickly, however, the sessions violate ethical boundaries and both parties give into their feelings to begin a psychic affair.

Jean discovers the tryst and bursts onto the mental plane to utterly ruin Emma, leaving Frost humiliated before Grey’s incredible anger and arguably superior skill.

Sending Love Back Through Time

In time, Grey’s temper cools and she realizes that, in fact, her marriage to Summers has ended in all but declaration. Moreover, she can see that Frost’s interest in her soon-to-be-ex does not stop at mere lust or a power trip attempt to best his rival; Emma truly loves Scott.

Unfortunately, Jean dies before Scott and Emma can embrace in real life, and Cyclops rejects Frost out of a sense of loyalty and propriety. This, as these things always seem to, leads to an apocalyptic future. Resurrected in that future, Grey—with full Phoenix power—realizes why this hideous horrible world exists. She reaches back in time, not just to stop this possible tomorrow, but also to give happiness to her true love and her former rival, and manages to literally change Scott’s mind, leading him to accept Emma’s love without guilt and begin their relationship.

Paying It Forward

While the adult Jean remained dead, Beast found a way to bring the original X-Men—including a younger non-blue furred version of himself, a non-corrupted Cyclops, and a still living Marvel Girl—to the present day. The Jean of the past, however, did not yet possess anywhere near the powers her deceased older self had. In stepped Emma Frost to help the younger version of her rival to realize her full potential in a hurry.

No Good Deed…

Alas, Emma may come to regret tutoring the young Grey. The essence of the elder Jean has returned and attached herself to her younger counterpart in JEAN GREY #7. While she pesters her youthful corporeal form for not doing things how she would and gets angry with Scarlet Witch only at issue’s end does adult Grey’s plan reveal itself: She springs forth to possess the former White Queen herself. What she does with/to Emma, however, remains untold until October 25 in JEAN GREY #8.