Published July 12, 2021

Venom Faces Knull in the Battle for all of Earth

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New on Marvel Unlimited: The King in Black versus the God of Light.

Venom versus Knull.
KING IN BLACK (2020) #5

In the concluding chapter to comics event KING IN BLACK, Avengers, X-Men, vampire hunters, and omnipotent universal forces are all on hand to eliminate Knull, the God of Darkness who has ravaged planet Earth with his pack of symbiote dragons. And Knull’s chaotic influence has tipped far beyond a global takeover. In addition to killing Eddie Brock, Knull has targeted Brock’s son Dylan, attempting a possession on the young human-symbiote hybrid in KING IN BLACK #4 that threatened to end the war outright. But in its final stages, this endgame had to be waged one-on-one: Venom, the resurrected Lethal Protector, versus Knull, Lord of the Abyss.

Read our top takeaways from the show-stopping KING IN BLACK #5 below, or start at the very beginning with the complete event on Marvel Unlimited. The KING IN BLACK fallout continues in the pages of VENOM (2018) #35, AVENGERS (2018) #45, and FANTASTIC FOUR (2018) #30, so stay tuned in the coming weeks for the event’s full wrap-up and aftermath.

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Venom inhabits the Enigma Force.

After discovering the Enigma Force’s true nature in KING IN BLACK #4, Reed Richards, AKA Mister Fantastic, draws the startling conclusion that this untapped, living potential is actually a “God of Light.” What’s more, this embodiment of the Uni-Power is the direct antidote to the symbiote’s reign. After its brief encounter with cosmos-wandering Silver Surfer, the Enigma Force finds a new host in Eddie, formerly braindead and lifeless following Knull’s initial possession in issue #1. Now, Venom: Eddie Brock levels up to god-like status, finding equal footing with the commander of darkness who nearly claimed his son’s life.

Eddie Brock, bonded to a symbiote that’s bonded to a god. It’s too much power for anyone to handle. But Brock wields it well. Terrifyingly so.

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Avengers and X-Men face Knull head-on.

Even a team of core X-Men get into the “assembling” mood once Captain America: Steve Rogers puts out the cry. There’s nothing like seeing an impressive array of heroes set aside their differences amidst a complex human-mutant political landscape to do what needs doing. Read the X-Men’s full involvement alongside the Avengers and the Fantastic Four from issue #1.


Eddie Brock reunites with Dylan in an emotional exchange.

The youngest member on the frontlines of KING IN BLACK, and one of its most pivotal. The son of Eddie Brock and a symbiote-bonded Anne Weying, Dylan’s destiny from birth was to destroy Knull and cut off the Hive-Mind that imprisons each and every symbiote. With his father trapped in the same Hive limbo, and Earth’s most powerful heroes under Knull’s grip, Dylan entered this web of codexes in KING IN BLACK #4, an agonizing but ultimately triumphant showdown. Unfortunately, this encounter left Dylan in a vulnerable state, but once Eddie entered the playing field as the God of Light, he was quick to restore Dylan by removing any trace of Knull’s symbiotic attachment.

At its core, KING IN BLACK is the story of a father doing anything for his son. Read Dylan Brock’s complete saga in the pages of VENOM (2018), and see what the next chapter holds for him in VENOM (2018) #35.


The New King in Black rises!

After a death, a visit to something akin of a symbiote spirit world called “the Hive,” and a resurrection by a godlike entity, Brock faces his latest transformation. While it’s likely that this new role comes with all of Knull’s baggage, Brock, the new King in Black, is the protector of the light as the keeper of the dark. Where he goes, each symbiote will follow. And all speak the same ancient tongue.

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King in Black
The X-Men, the Avengers, Venom, and all of New York’s heroes prepare for the King in Black! Knull, the God of Symbiotes, has amassed an army and is headed straight for Earth. The planet’s greatest and most powerful minds unite against the impending threat... but nothing can halt this Darkness. Who is the Lord of the Abyss? And will Eddie Brock: Venom survive his thrall?



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