Leap into the Future with Old Woman Laura

Tom Taylor and Ramon Rosanas tell the tale!


In the not-too-distant future, the super heroes have won. World peace has been achieved. And Laura Kinney is the Queen of Madripoor.

Yes, that Laura Kinney.

This spring, writer Tom Taylor and artist Ramon Rosanas take a peek at destiny as “Old Woman Laura” begins in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33! With the chaos and destruction of heroes and villains a thing of the past, the former Wolverine has hung up her claws and passed on her mantle. Now she happily lives out her life as the leader of the small island nation.

But when a long-simmering evil rises to threaten all that’s been achieved, Laura must leave her throne and suit up once again. On April 4, the final journey of the ALL-NEW WOLVERINE begins!

Check out the covers for issues #33 and #34 below!

“Old Woman Laura” begins with ALL NEW WOLVERINE #33, by writer Tom Taylor and artist Ramon Rosanas, on April 4!