Published September 27, 2017

Mace Windu: The Party’s Just Beginning

Writer Matt Owens leads the Jedi on a daring mission!

Image for Mace Windu: The Party’s Just Beginning

The Galactic Republic sits on the brink of fracture as the Clone Wars swell. In response, the Jedi Order attempts to suppress the tide of violence across the galaxy.

Leading a Jedi squadron on a mission to a remote Separatist outpost, Mace Windu faces foes never seen before in STAR WARS: JEDI OF THE REPUBLIC – MACE WINDU #3! On October 25, writer Matt Owens and artist Denys Cowan see Master Windu, Kit Fisto, and their Jedi Knights strike out against a droid army—and their mercenary leader—on behalf of a Republic at war.

We caught up with Owens to learn more about the keepers of the peace. Give a brief rundown of Mace’s support squad—what skills do they each bring to this mission?

Matt Owens: Have to start with Kit Fisto—a fan favorite and a personal one as well. I liked the idea of working backwards from the fact that both he and Mace meet their end in the same battle. Why did Mace choose Kit for the Palpatine confrontation? There must be a connection there. I wanted to explore that trust and kinship leading up to that point.

With Prosset and Rissa, I wanted to explore ideas about the war through the eyes of new characters. Having someone young interacting with Mace seemed a great opportunity because he acts as a teacher, a mentor. So we can see how war changes that role in him. Of course, Rissa can be headstrong in her new titles and wants to prove herself—Mace respects that enthusiasm, but he also has to learn how to manage it correctly. And Prosset has this calm, cool presence. He’s very gifted in the Force, so Mace naturally sought to include his talents on the team. Mace might not be the cuddliest person in the world…so how do his teammates’ personalities clash or work well with his own?

Matt Owens: Mace acts in a very by-the-book manner. A stern leader. Kit has a good wit to him and Rissa has a light and youthful air about her. Both of these personalities offer some fun when played off of Mace. You will find some instances where personalities clash. Prosset says something smartass or Rissa says something weird or naive. But it serves as a learning experience for Mace as well, dealing with different people than just his fellow Council members. This limited series takes place during the Clone Wars, which means this stands several years before the execution of Order 66. Did you enjoy writing supporting Jedi characters that we didn’t see in the films?

Matt Owens: Yes! There have been some great stories told during the Clone Wars era and I couldn’t be more excited to get to tell more! Knowing the end of the Jedi looms allows for some foreshadowing about the journeys of certain characters. And it’s interesting to know the end to a story and work backwards to learn how we get to that point. What has been the highlight of writing a fan-favorite like Mace Windu?

Matt Owens: It’s Mace Windu! That says it all right there. Expert fighter, total badass, brilliant mind. You can feel such depth to him as a character; peeling back his layers and discovering what makes him think the way that he does has been an incredible experience. What should readers know before picking up a copy at their local comics shop?

Matt Owens: War takes its toll on people in many different ways. Mace stumbles into a situation that will test him both physically and emotionally. Issue #2 drops today—and issue #1 ended with a reveal of a new villain with a very different POV. I think people will dig AD-W4 the more they see him interact with Mace. He brings out elements of our titular character that have never been explored before.

STAR WARS: JEDI OF THE REPUBLIC – MACE WINDU #3, by Matt Owens and artist Denys Cowan, hits shelves October 25!