Published May 28, 2019

Marvel Comics Remembers Justin Ponsor

Executive editor Nick Lowe and This Week in Marvel host Ryan Penagos celebrate Justin's legacy.

Last week, the Marvel family said goodbye to Justin Ponsor, a celebrated colorist and artist known for his brilliant contributions to the industry and his easygoing, compassionate spirit.

Over the past 15 years, Justin Ponsor worked as an inker, penciller, cover artist, and colorist on series such as ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, AVENGERS, CIVIL WAR II, DEATH OF WOLVERINE, SPIDER-VERSE, STAR WARS, YOUNG AVENGERS, X-MEN, and many more. Known for elevating every story he contributed to with his stunning color work and unparalleled skills with form and light, Justin transcended the definition of creative partner with every interaction, every line, and every page.

Marvel Super Heroes colored by Justin Ponsor
Marvel Super Heroes colored by Justin Ponsor

In a special conversation about Justin’s extraordinary work, Marvel Comics executive editor Nick Lowe and Ryan Penagos remembered one of the industry's most beloved artists. 

Nick sums Justin's work up with a single line: "When you needed a book to look perfect, you'd go to Justin first."

"He was the best in the business. There was no one who understood light better, who understood color theory, who understood setting a scene... He could color any style that you threw at him, whether it was super realistic or completely cartoon-y. He could color anything and anyone, and he made it look real," notes Lowe. "It's so hard to talk about this, because the other part of this is... He was an amazing guy. You'd get on the phone with him in the middle of a crazy day, and you'd end up [talking to] him for 45 minutes or an hour, just talking.

"Our heart goes out to his family—his wife and his family and all that they're going through... We're so grateful for the work and the years and the friendship. And that I got to work with him for as long as I did. That I could help him, in whatever little way I could, get his vision out there. That we could give him the room and the space to do the most incredible work. I feel grateful to have known him, I feel grateful to have worked with him... All we can try to do is remember his spirit and his joy of life, and try to live up to his standards." 

Last week, Nick highlighted some of Justin's incredible work here...

Listen to Nick and Ryan's full conversation below. 

Looking back on his indelible life and enduring legacy, we're reminded that it’s people like Justin that make the House of Ideas a home.

In the coming weeks, Marvel will continue celebrating Justin Ponsor's legacy with a series of spotlights on his work and remembrances from fellow creators, colleagues, and friends.


Justin Ponsor


Justin Ponsor, 1977-2019

The Marvel family remembers the life and legacy of a beloved artist.