Published February 17, 2022

‘Marvel Fairy Tales’ Infinity Series Reimagines a Magical Legend on the Marvel Unlimited App

Follow the adventures of ‘Peter Parker and the Beanstalk’ in ‘Marvel Fairy Tales’ #1!

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Enjoy a classic fairy tale brought to you with all the high adventure of the Marvel Universe! In four-part series MARVEL FAIRY TALES INFINITY COMIC, writer Ryan North, plus an all-star team of artists including Jay Fosgitt, Dax Gordine, and Gustavo Duarte, reimagine a legendary favorite in "Peter Parker and the Beanstalk”!

When a giant beanstalk grows outside the Daily Bugle building, Peter Parker and his boss, J. Jonah Jameson, start climbing up it to learn what mysteries await in the clouds! (Hint: “Fee fi fo fum.”) Thrill as Spider-Man tries to keep J. Jonah Jameson from doing whatever he wants! Gasp as JJJ steals from giants all in the service of you, the audience, and the Daily Bugle! And, expect a special guest-star in issue #1 as the Eternal Sersi shows up to give Spidey a hand with a Deviant troll!  

Mary Fairy Tales Infinity Series Announcement Image

“The idea was ‘Fairy tales as an Infinity Comic’ and so, given a vertical medium full of scrolling, I of course went to the most vertical fairy tale there is: Jack and the Beanstalk,” says writer Ryan North on the concept. “It ended up fitting really well into the Marvel Universe: Jack is honestly a huge greedy jerk (invading a stranger's house multiple times, stealing things endlessly) which mapped nicely onto everyone's favorite high-maintenance newspaperman, J. Jonah Jameson!”

Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson survey the beanstalk.

“Part of the joy for me is seeing how these timeless tales fit into a world of Cosmic Cubes, Infinity Stones... and endless demands by JJJ for pictures of Spider-Man,” teases North. “JJJ and Spidey are great together—you can basically sit back and watch the sparks fly. But having them being forced to team up against giants who want to grind their bones to make their bread might be something neither of them have faced before...”

Kick off the four-part “Peter Parker and the Beanstalk” story in MARVEL FAIRY TALES INFINITY COMIC #1 on the Marvel Unlimited app, and stay tuned for new chapters every Thursday!


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