Published August 21, 2017

Marvel Legacy: Ben Reilly – Scarlet Spider

Writer Peter David gives a Ben Reilly breakdown ahead of Marvel Legacy!

Image for Marvel Legacy: Ben Reilly – Scarlet Spider

When a new enemy encroaches on Ben Reilly’s turf, The Scarlet Spider decides to take drastic action. But what will the consequences be for the clone of The Amazing Spider-Man?

Discover a new beginning with the Marvel Legacy launch of BEN REILLY: SCARLET SPIDER #10! On November 15, writer Peter David and artist Will Sliney kick off a Legacy look into the world of The Scarlet Spider—and his enemies, old and new.

To learn more, we sat down with Peter to speak about the dawn of Marvel Legacy alongside Ben Reilly. How does the post-Legacy book compare to the pre-Legacy one?

Peter David: Well, there’s a difference between the two, but it’s not exactly in relation to Legacy. We’re picking up on a development from Secret Empire, in which a Hydra air ship assaulted Las Vegas. The first pages of issue #8 actually occur before Secret Empire and then we time-jump to after the Vegas attack.

Things have changed. Cassandra Mercury endeavors to help people whose lives were disrupted by the attack, Ben becomes more firmly allied with her—seeing her as something other than just a source of somewhere to live. He’s also becoming more and more determined to find a cure for Abigail. At the start of issue #1, Ben Reilly was on the run, struggling with his mental health and self-perception. How is Ben doing at the start of Legacy?

Peter David: His mental health and self-perception are still issues, but he’s not on the run anymore. He’s also feeling much better about himself because of what happens at the end of issue #7. But he’ll wind up making some mistakes—and those mistakes are going to cost him. The great Will Sliney continues as the book’s artist for the Legacy run. What’s it like working with him?

Peter David: Will is a great artist. I worked with him for years on SPIDER-MAN 2099. I know that, whatever I come up with, Will can make it happen visually. Plot-wise, what can readers expect in the first arc of the book?

Peter David: Remember the Spinners? They’re coming back. Even the dead one. Plus, an old Spidey villain will be making his return—and will wind up coming into conflict with them along the way.

BEN REILLY: SCARLET SPIDER, by Peter David and artist Will Sliney, is available on November 15!