Published October 9, 2017

Marvel Meets Camp Lo

The hip-hop duo discuss their comic collaborations!

Image for Marvel Meets Camp Lo

Fans of “Marvel’s Iron Fist” on Netflix know that music plays a huge role in the show—and in Danny Rand’s life.

They’ll also remember a song prominently featured in Danny’s story: Camp Lo’s rocking “Krystal Karrington.” And the legendary band’s work with Marvel doesn’t end there—in 2015, ALL-NEW X-MEN #1 got a special hip-hop variant cover by artist Ed Piskor, designed in the style of Camp Lo’s 1997 classic Uptown Saturday Night.

We met up with band members Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba to chat about “Marvel’s Iron Fist,” their history with comics, and their upcoming project The Get Down Brothers—released on October 13. What do you think makes “Krystal Karrington” a good fit for “Marvel’s Iron Fist”?

Geechi Suede: We felt extremely excited and honored when we got the news [that the song would be in the show]. And it’s funny, we always kind of refer to ourselves as Power Man and Iron Fist. I guess that could’ve been energy attracting energy. But I think “Krystal Karrington” presents that vibe of, “I’m ready to take care of business. I need some power, some get-alive, get-right energy.”

I think that’s why it fit. It got Danny psyched for what he was about to embark on. What were your thoughts about Ed Piskor’s ALL-NEW X-MEN #1 hip hop variant homage to Uptown Saturday Night?

Sonny Cheeba: That became another amazing Marvel moment. I just want to say much love to you guys—thanks for thinking of us! We’re huge Marvel fans. Comic book artist Keron Grant created the artwork for the cover of the upcoming The Get Down Brothers. How did you connect with him? What do you like about his work?

Geechi Suede: He’s an incredible talent. That connection came through our management. I think Marvel has always been amazing at choosing their artists—how they stay within what you know Marvel art to look like from way back in the day. It was another exciting moment, and we were honored once again that we could have a Marvel artist like Keron do our cover. It makes you feel special. This will easily be—probably after Uptown Saturday Night—one of our best covers. What can fans expect from The Get Down Brothers?

Sonny Cheeba: The sound feels a bit new. So the album cover kind of matches the sound, actually.

Geechi Suede: Yeah, we definitely went in a new direction sonically. There’s some stuff on there that’s reminiscent of what fans know us for, but I’d say the majority of the record, we went in a new direction. And the album cover really seems fitting.

Camp Lo’s newest record, The Get Down Brothers, drops on October 13!