Published December 28, 2016

8 Super Siblings in the Marvel Universe

The brothers and sisters who make family fun in the Marvel Universe!


The Marvel Universe features all kinds of awesome siblings. Below, we highlight just a few of them.


T’Challa serves as the king and protector of Wakanda. He has enhanced physical senses and skill as a scientist. But others have held the Black Panther mantle, including Shuri, T’Challa’s younger half-sister. Though Shuri has had some jealousy issues to work through, at one point, she managed to revive T’Challa from a comatose state.


The long-lost older sister of Thor Odinson and his adopted brother Loki, Angela kicks major butt. The Angels of the Tenth Realm kidnapped her as an infant, and Odin and Freya presumed her dead. During Original Sin, the siblings reunited, albeit with a few bumps.

Sue Storm

The older sister of Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, we all know Sue as the Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman. She has impressive psionic powers that she gained as the result of exposure to the same cosmic radiation that gave Johnny his abilities. Of course, she can make herself invisible, but her abilities go far beyond that. Truthfully, it doesn’t seem like we’ve seen her hit her limit yet.

Scott Summers

You’ve gotta love the Summers boys. Scott, aka Cyclops, serves as the older brother of Alex/Havok and Gabriel/Vulcan. He has seen plenty of drama with Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and the other X-Men. His recent death has had an important impact on the war playing out between the mutants and Inhumans. And now, we get to see a younger, time-displaced Scott running around with the Champions.

Franklin Richards

Sue and Reed Richards have a daughter named Valeria and a son named Franklin. Valeria has incredible intelligence, like her dad. Franklin, the older of the two and an omega-level mutant, can manipulate reality. The radiation that gave Sue her powers also affected Franklin, giving him immense abilities. He later developed the ability to see alternate futures in his dreams.


The Mad Titan and his younger brother couldn’t be more different. Thanos, as we know, constantly creates galactic chaos and comes off as very serious and brooding. Starfox or Eros, on the other hand, can cause others to experience pleasure, demonstrates a love for life, and enjoys seeking out adventure; probably not a bad thing that he doesn’t follow in his older brother’s footsteps.

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff

Yes, these two might be twins, but they deserve an honorable mention in any list of Marvel Universe siblings. Once thought to be the children of Magneto, they’ve seen their fair share of heartbreak. The Scarlet Witch’s reality-warping powers have gotten her into plenty of trouble over the years, and Quicksilver has gone along for much of it. They have enormous ability, but also face a lot of internal conflict.