Published September 13, 2017

Marvel Universe LIVE!

Join the "Age of Heroes" live adventure in a city near you!

Image for Marvel Universe LIVE!

Even during a summer as full of great Marvel action as this one, fans hunger for the adventures of the best and brightest heroes and most dangerous and dastardly villains—and “Marvel Universe LIVE: Age of Heroes” satisfies that appetite like nothing else! Some celebrities and their families even came out to watch the show roll through Los Angeles on a tour that includes stops in Salt Lake City, Cleveland, and Chicago.

Drawn together by the call of Doctor Strange and the machinations of Nebula, the show features over 20 Marvel heroes and villains including—for the time in Marvel Universe LIVE! history—the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Featuring incredible stunts (including Spider-Man joining The Wasp to command the skies and Captain America boggling the mind on a motorcycle), amazing live special effects, and stunning video projection, the audience rides along on an adventure that takes them from the Savage Land to New York City with a staggering list of locales in-between!

“Marvel Universe LIVE: Age of Heroes” sees the bitter and rageful Nebula called on by Loki to steal the Wand of Watoomb in a plan that proves so dangerous that only the combined forces of the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spider-Man stand a chance of saving our planet and, perhaps, the universe at large.

Currently in California for all of August, the tour spreads out across the rest of the United States before ending in Missouri at the end of December 2018. “Marvel Universe LIVE: Age of Heroes” offers plenty of chances for fans across the US to see the spectacular adventure live for more than a year. Tickets for 2017 are available now and many 2018 dates will be available for purchase in September.

With “Marvel Universe LIVE: Age of Heroes,” the time has never been better to plan your family’s night of incredible adventure and intrigue!