Published August 24, 2018

What We Learned From Matt Rosenberg’s Marvel Fan Q&A

Rosenberg shares his thoughts (and gives hints) on Punisher, X-Men, and more!


Though Matt Rosenberg is plenty busy these days as a writer on Marvel titles like THE PUNISHER, MULTIPLE MAN, NEW MUTANTS: DEAD SOULS, ASTONISHING X-MEN, and the upcoming UNCANNY X-MEN (debuting November 14), he was nice enough to stop by Marvel HQ this week and participate in a couple of different fan Q&As, right on the heels of the release of THE PUNISHER #1.  

On Marvel’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, Matt answered reader questions about what’s to come for the Punisher, who his favorite X-Men are, and much more - including getting to the bottom of what kind of pizza Frank Castle prefers! 

Read on for highlights!

From Twitter: 

@BludWine: When writing for The Punisher what is the main focus you want to get across to the reader?

Matt Rosenberg: The Punisher is terrifying - no matter who you are in the Marvel Universe. He's someone who makes you nervous. I think that's the key.

@FranksHarpZone: What kind of allies will Frank have to help him on this mission?

Matt Rosenberg: Frank is back in the United States, but doesn't have many friends left. You'll see a few familiar faces, but calling them allies might be a stretch. 

@DeadBoyDetectiv: Any new characters for this run?

Matt Rosenberg: We're introducing a few, one of them you already met in issue 1, but we wanted to make sure we had room for some of Frank's old friends to come play. 

@subhamroxx: Jigsaw vs Punisher? Is that something you will build towards slowly and finally make Jigsaw the big villain in marvel universe that he deserves to be?

Matt Rosenberg: Jigsaw is one of my faves. As of right now, we have no plans for him but plans change.

@PunisherHQ: Matt, any plans for returning characters from previous Punisher runs? Thank you!

Matt Rosenberg: Yes, there's at least one big one coming.

@virtuaham: If the Punisher could be in a team up with one other hero who would you pick?

Matt Rosenberg: Ghost Rider.


Matt Rosenberg: Which ones are your favorites?

@jighughes: Will the battle van ever return?

Matt Rosenberg: Very, very soon.

@EAFreire58: How will this PUNISHER run affect the greater Marvel Comic Universe? Plus, will we get to see Micro again?

Matt Rosenberg: Every villain in the Marvel Universe needs to watch their back. And Micro appears in back issues at your local comic shop.


Matt Rosenberg: I have no idea.

@admiral_pizza: What’s Frank’s favorite type of pizza?

Matt Rosenberg: Sicilian.

From Facebook: 

Alana Peri Herrnson: What was the first Marvel book that introduced you to comics?

Matt Rosenberg: UNCANNY X-MEN: The Dark Phoenix [Saga] - I was four at the time.

Robert Steinberg: When you found out that you'd be writing THE PUNISHER, what was the most important aspect you felt you needed to recapture to make it successful?

Matt Rosenberg: His focus and integrity.

Rachel Greenfeld: In your opinion, what makes the Punisher such an interesting character? Love your run and can’t wait for more!

Matt Rosenberg: I think the Punisher is fascinating because he's such a constant. There's no gray area, there's no change, he believes what he believes and goes for it, and the world moves around him. 

Lauren Wilmore: I loved TALES OF SUSPENSE! What was your favorite part of writing Clint and Bucky together?

Matt Rosenberg: Everyone expects Clint to be funny and Bucky to be the serious one, and I liked the moments when I could reverse that. 

Hazel Rosenblum-Sellers: Who is your all-time favorite X-Men character and why?

Matt Rosenberg: It's a tie between Havok and Magik. I like that they are the more powerful, cooler siblings to much more respected X-Men. They're always the underdogs. 

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