Published August 23, 2017

Meet the Marvels: A Generations Sketchbook

Brent Schoonover depicts the historic meeting of two Captains Marvel!

Image for Meet the Marvels: A Generations Sketchbook

On September 13, GENERATIONS: CAPTAIN MARVEL & CAPTAIN MAR-VELL by Margaret Stohl and Brent Schoonover will bring together two characters very familiar with one another. Though she would become Ms. Marvel and then Captain Marvel herself later on, Carol Danvers first appeared in MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #13 which Mar-Vell starred in. In fact, she gained her powers in part thanks to an exploding Kree device that laid her up for a while but also restructured her genes combining the best of the two races.

The GENERATIONS issue will use the characters’ history together while also reintroducing readers to a hero who hasn’t really been active since his demise in 1982’s DEATH OF CAPTAIN MARVEL. We talked with Schoonover about the similarities and differences between the two Captains, not to mention the fun of exploring Mar-Vell’s past and helping chronicle Carol’s future. Captain Mar-Vell is one of those classic Marvel characters who modern readers haven’t really experienced in new stories. How was it for you getting into this adventure featuring him?

Brent Schoonover: It was fun [because] it was a character that I was familiar with but not totally knowledgeable about. I had an old copy of DEATH OF CAPTAIN MARVEL as it’s just a classic story and a gorgeous book. But I wanted to learn more so I got the Marvel Essential volumes one and two of [the original CAPTAIN MARVEL series]. I really enjoyed checking those out and realized how early on in the birth of the Marvel age of the 60s that the character came around, as well as how early Carol played a part in the book. So it was fun doing the research aspect on a character I enjoyed but had never really gone and done extensive reading on. There’s a really cool continuity in costume design from Mar-Vell to Carol. How was it using those elements on the page?

Brent Schoonover: It was neat. I think the Hala star is so cool and iconic. It’s kind of up there with a lighting bolt and a skull in terms on a great graphic to put on a hero’s uniform. My approach on this was I kind of wanted them to each look like they were from different eras. So there’s even some small subtle ways I illustrated each one to give a sense of time difference.

Carol is done in a more contemporary approach and her uniform is a based on the currently used look that is more practical and not really flashy. Mar-Vell is just based in late 60s/early 70s super hero looks. I got his sideburns in there. Wavy 70s hair. No seams on the costume. Very swashbuckling. But the cool thing is once you put that star on the chest it ties it all together. They look and feel connected. That’s the great power of a strong symbol. In addition to their looks, the Captains Marvel also both share a military background. How does that play into the way you pose them?

Brent Schoonover: [Laughs] They are both always at attention. Straight up. Strong. Confident. Walk in front like a leader. Neither of these characters lack confidence. Neither one is the sidekick in this story. I think they both access a room or situation the same. Jump into action without missing a beat. This duo is also just as interesting for their differences as their similarities. How differently do they carry themselves when it comes down to fighting the enemy?

Brent Schoonover: There’s a great scene where Carol sort of lashes out about an injustice to a citizen on this alien planet. She’s got a good reason but Mar-Vell tries to keep her in check by reminding her that it’s a community that avoids physical altercation at all cost and it’s accustomed to the stuff that they have been through. It’s a nice interaction that shows some of the slight differences in the two Captains. Carol maybe is a bit more heart-on-her-sleeve where Mar-Vell may be a bit more tactical in his approach to everything. There [are] pros and cons to each approach and it’s addressed in a few cool scenes in the book. Carol’s a little more quick to act where Mar-Vell is more likely to react. Thanks to her work on MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL, Margaret’s got a solid handle on Carol. You two even worked on issue #4 together. What was it like collaborating with her on this issue?

Brent Schoonover: It was great. I had been reading MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL before chipping in on issue #4 and really liked her approach on the character. Once my time ended on that issue I was hoping to get a chance to draw Carol again. She’s just too much fun to draw. Thankfully [editors] Sana [Amanat] and Charles [Beacham] asked me to work on this.

I always find the character to be at her best when she’s convicted with doing what’s right over doing what is proper protocol, a clash of her military background and her role as a super hero. And I think Margaret did a great job finding Mar-Vell’s voice in the story as well. I was curious before I got the script if this was going to feel like one of the character’s story and the other may play a supporting role. It was awesome to see that this issue really felt like both Captains got equal amounts of story time. So if you are an older Captain Mar-Vell fan or a member of the Carol Corps, I think there’s a lot in this issue for you to be excited about.

GENERATIONS: CAPTAIN MARVEL & CAPTAIN MAR-VELL by Margaret Stohl and Brent Schoonover ships out September 13!