Published September 8, 2017

Mighty Captain Marvel: Never Sleep

Writer Margaret Stohl breaks down the troubled life of a super hero!

Image for Mighty Captain Marvel: Never Sleep

It’s been a tough couple of years for Carol Danvers. Having plunged the emotional depths of her personal and professional lives with Civil War II, the Commander had no choice but to rocket back into action for Secret Empire. It’s been a restless time for Captain Marvel, so what does she do when she needs to unwind?

On September 27, Carol gets a harsh reminder that that super heroes never sleep—as writer Margaret Stohl and artist Michele Bandini present MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #9!

We spoke with Margaret to learn more about how the unsettled Captain might—or might not—find some respite. With Civil War II followed by Secret Empire, Captain Marvel has had an intense time lately. How does she cope with the stress?

​​Margaret Stohl: Not well! If she hadn’t just gotten Alpha Flight blown up, it might have been time for another few sessions at her holographic shrink.

Seriously, Carol has been through a rough couple of years. Even just in Secret Empire, she’s been marooned in orbit and attacked by the Chitauri; she’s watched a fellow hero betray the cause, lost friends in combat—and yes, even sacrificed her own precious Alpha Flight, all in the name of duty. Now that she’s back on Earth again, she’ll discover just how bad she can be at trying to relax. (Spoiler: very!) Will all the strain interfere with her ability to handle her responsibilities?

​Margaret Stohl: Military training helps Carol focus when she’s in the middle of combat. The chaos tends to come creeping in during the downtime, which feels much harder for her to handle.​ Will she find any time to unwind? What might she come up against next?

​Margaret Stohl: Carol will get to spend some time with Jess Drew and Jessica Jones, processing everything that has happened to her—particularly the fate of Natasha Romanoff​. She’ll also go searching for the Kree “Hala Child” Bean again, which will lead her to tangling with some old enemies and even older allies. Who’s the first person Captain Marvel turns to in a time like this?

Margaret Stohl: Carol loves her crew and her friends—the women of Marvel, but Jess Drew in particular. In the end, Carol’s friends will save her. They always do.

MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #9, by Margaret Stohl and artist Michele Bandini, launches on September 27!