Published November 29, 2017

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Heralding

Brandon Montclare introduces Galactus to the newly-minted Fantastic Three!

Image for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Heralding

The arrival of The Silver Surfer and Galactus signals dark fortunes for any planet. And now that the cosmic duo have showed up on the Lower East Side, Lunella Lafayette and her new pals Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm must respond.

On December 27, writer Brandon Montclare and artist Alitha Martinez’s MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #26 will put the combined might of Moon Girl, The Human Torch, and The Thing to the test. Especially when they learn that Galactus and Norrin Radd have come to warn them that something even more dangerous might be on its way.

How will the trio answer the call? We spoke with Brandon to find out. Tell us a little bit about what the reunion between Galactus and The Silver Surfer might look like!

Brandon Montclare: What’s old will be new again—because the Eater of Worlds and the Sentinel of the Spaceways are working together on a joint-mission. And just like their first appearance in FANTASTIC FOUR #48, it’ll be bad news for Earth. But, that being said, Galactus isn’t the bad news himself. Instead, he carries a warning.

It’s fun to simultaneously flip, as well as expand, Galactus’ traditional role. He’s on Yancy Street to tell Moon Girl that a more powerful, mysterious entity is approaching. So that makes Galactus the herald for…someone big you’ll see in upcoming issues! How does the Surfer feel about Galactus at the moment?

Brandon Montclare: Silver Surfer is cool. He maintains that California (by way of Zenn La) mellow vibe. So he and Galactus aren’t at odds. The gravity of their news seems big enough to put aside their differences.

But then there’s Moon Girl. Lunella can get under anyone’s skin—even Silver Surfer’s. And Human Torch and Thing don’t feel too cool about the Silver Surfer either. The pair have an ongoing grudge. So, some sparks will fly. But the “Fantastic Three” storyline is about more than just Moon Girl, The Thing, and The Human Torch. It’s about coming together to save the world. They’ll need Galactus and Silver Surfer to be a part of that. And others too! How does Moon Girl respond to the situation? 

Brandon Montclare: The Thing and The Human Torch are trying to get over their shattered family—they recently lost Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic. And Devil Dinosaur got sent home to the prehistoric Valley of Flame in MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #23—so Moon Girl doesn’t have a partner. The three hope they can combine their broken pieces. And as soon as this new super team forms, Galactus appears. He knows Mr. Fantastic has disappeared, so he has to find the new Smartest Person in the World. That’s Lunella Lafayette, of course, and she’s not at all what Galactus expects! How do Ben and Johnny feel about the appearance of one of their most iconic nemeses?

Brandon Montclare: We see very soon that they still don’t trust Galactus—even though he’s now a golden titan with the power to bring life. And even though they’ve teamed with Silver Surfer many times—including the issue after he saw his introduction as a villain—they don’t trust him too much either. But for them it’s not rational, it’s heart and ego. Mr. Fantastic acted as the rational member of the team. And Invisible Woman held it all together. The Thing and The Human Torch are both hotheads and find themselves in a lot of misunderstandings. Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm weren’t the brains of the Fantastic Four. So Moon Girl comes in—but she’s not Mr. Fantastic. A new dynamic hashes itself out. And with super powered folk, that means there will be some throwdowns!

And like so many of these comic book contests: Moon Girl, The Thing, The Human Torch, and The Silver Surfer soon realize they need to stop fighting and instead team up to combat a bigger threat.

MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #26, by Brandon Montclare and artist Alitha Martinez, goes galactic on December 27!